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And it's my third post for the day! Woohoo!!

So anyway, since there seems to have been a lot of unhappiness going around, Athena and I thought we'd try to use some of our excess energy for something more positive... although I'm not sure how positive this is, thinking about the content. It's funny though. And it's positive for Goku! And that's really the important thing.

This is the third mini-drama from the Saiyuki Reload image albums. We didn't get a chance to play it for people at AX, which is really a shame, because I think it's our favorite. It's definitely our favorite Reload one. As a note, the Reload mini-dramas were not written by Kazuya Minekura (I would tell you who wrote them, but I'm not sure how the kanji is read), but she is credited as "scenario supervisor," which we assume means she got script approval.

And so, without further ado...


Goku: *sigh*
       I’m boooored
Hakkai: It does get dark early here.
Sanzo: Then just go to sleep.
Goku: What!?
       It’s not even nine o’clock!
Gojyo: Well, it has been strangely peaceful these days.
       Hey, why don’t we play the Yamanote-Sen Game or something to kill time?
Goku: What’s that? Yama-note-sen?
Gojyo: You don’t know!?
       It’s a game they play at mixers and stuff.
Hakkai: That dates you.
Gojyo: Eh?
       Ah, do they not do it anymore?
Goku: What’s a mixer?
Hakkai: It’s Gojyo’s favorite refreshment
Gojyo: No!
       I mean listen!
       Thanks to this journey for which I am oh so grateful, I have not had time to go to any mixers.
Goku: Hey, what kind of game is it?
Hakkai: That’s right.
       To put it simply, it’s a game where you say words belonging to a given category, keeping with the rhythm.
Goku: Hmm…
Sanzo: You didn’t understand a word, did you?
Goku: Nope.
       But let’s do it!
       If we play, I’ll get it.
Hakkai: That’s true.
       Alright, Gojyo, if you would be so kind as to start us off…
Gojyo: Yamanote-Sen Game!
Hakkai: Yaaaay!
Goku: Nn? Uh?
Hakkai: That’s how you play.
       Now, you too, Goku.
Gojyo: *ahem*
       Yamanote-Sen Game!
Hakkai: Yaaay!
Goku: Y-yaaay!
Gojyo: Hmm…
       All times and places
       Body hair—
Gojyo: td!
Hakkai: Educational guidance.
Gojyo: (Daaahh!)
       All times and places
       Types of liquor!
*clap clap*
Hakkai: Tequila!
       (Goku, you clap, too)
Goku: O-okay!
*clap clap*
Goku: Beer!
Hakkai: Good! Just like that!
*clap clap*


Hakkai: And Sanzo loses.
Sanzo: What joke is this?
Goku: Well, you didn’t say anything.
Sanzo: Since when was I playing?
Gojyo: This calls for a penalty game.
Sanzo: I’ll kill you, bastard.
Hakkai: It’s in the rules…
Goku: What do we do for the penalty game!?
Gojyo: Good question…!
       Dance nake—
Sanzo: Start over.
Goku: Eeehh? But—
Sanzo: Start. Over.
Goku: Yes sir.
Hakkai: Alright.
       Then I’ll start.
       Yamanote-Sen Game!
Goku & Gojyo: Yaaaay!
Sanzo: Yay.
Hakkai: All times and places
       Gojyo’s nicknames.
*clap clap*
Goku: Ero-gappa!!
*clap clap*
Sanzo: Damn kappa.
*clap clap*
Gojyo: Sexy.
*clap clap*
Hakkai: Sower of seed.
*clap clap*
Goku: Cockroach kappa!!
*clap clap*
Sanzo: Rotten punk kappa
*clap clap*
Gojyo: Hey.
Goku: Aaahh! Gojyo loses!!
Hakkai: The penalty game for you.
Gojyo: In a way, it’s already a penalty game!
Sanzo: Let’s see you dancing naked.
Gojyo: Oh, my, Sanzo-sama!
       You want to see me naked that badly?
       Perv <3
Sanzo: Do you want me to turn you into a naked corpse?
Gojyo: But that shouldn’t count!
Hakkai: Gojyo, if we don’t keep the rules, the game is only half as fun.
Goku: That’s right!
Sanzo: Heh!
       Just dance!
Gojyo: Well in that case Sanzo should have to do the penalty game too!
Sanzo: Shut up, you no good kappa!
Gojyo: What was that, bald priest!?
Hakkai: Alright then.
       It can't be helped.
       You’ll just have to dance together.
Sanzo: Hey!
Gojyo: You’re kidding!
       Whose idea was it to dance naked, anyway!?
Goku: Yours, Gojyo.
Sanzo: Pff
Gojyo: …th-then whose idea was it to play the Yamanote-Sen Game?
Hakkai: It was yours, Gojyo.
Gojyo: Ah
Sanzo: Give it up. Dance beautifully enough for the both of us.
Gojyo: Whaa?
       What are you acting like a spectator for, damn priest!?
Hakkai: Now, everyone! A round of applause!
Gojyo: Hey! Hakkai!
Hakkai, Goku & Sanzo: *cheers & applause*
Hakkai: This was a good way to kill time.
       Wasn’t this fun, Goku?
Goku: Yeah!!
Sanzo: Dance!!
Hakkai: Oh! Please don’t touch the dancers.
Gojyo: Why you…
       Remember this!
       Just watch!
       I’ll take it all off!
       Dammit, ack, look, look, look!
       *various curses and expletives*
Goku: (Now that I think of it,
       I think Hakkai’s been holding a grudge against Gojyo for beating him at Mahjong the other day.)
Sanzo: (A frightening man…)
Hakkai: You two over there?
       Whatever are you talking about?
Goku & Sanzo: Nothing~~

So a few notes for the curious: Yamanote-Sen, as best we can figure out, is the Yamanote train line. "All times and places (kokontouzai)" seems to be the ritual expression for beginning a game such as this, kind of like the "saisho wa gu" of jan-ken. Also, if a certain worldly priest would like to use this for a certain website, don't hesitate to copy and paste on our account.

EDIT: We changed Gojyo's "thanks to this journey" line for accuracy.
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