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The color code

So now that we've actually translated the instructions for the New! Juusanshi fortune-telling, we've discovered that we did it wrong the first time, and we're actually the Bird, not the snake. That's good, because we like the description better for the Bird, and the Bird apparently had better luck for 2007. I wonder how TokyoPop is going to deal with the fact that these fortunes were for 2007. Technically, you could just say that someone's horoscope for 2007 is their horoscope for 2010, since it's really just for fun anyway, but I think there was some kind of reasoning that went into them. Though that was probably made up, too.

We mostly just like that stuff for the personality descriptions. Personality tests are fun. I think my favorite is the one that puts everybody with a color, because that's the only one where we're consistently the same thing. With Meyers-Briggs and Enneagrams it all changes depending on what questions they use. Every so often we'll try to find an online version of the colors one, because as we associate with people, we'll be like, "She's such a white!" or "I bet she's a yellow." and we want to see if our guesses are right, but we can never find one. I guess I could look for one right now, but... I'm just too lazy right now. Or maybe I'm not too lazy after all, and we found it right here. That kind of determination despite lack of motivation comes from being a blue.

That link is kind of annoying, though, because it won't just give you your results, blah. But somebody found another one here where you don't have to give your e-mail address.

Anyway. Now that I got all caught up in that, I can't think of anything else I wanted to talk about. I'm not sure there was anything. We have decided once and for all that we do want to get another cat. Part of this decision came from people offering to go kitty shopping with us. We decided Mom is the winner, though, because she's been so helpful in taking us to the vet and feeding our cats while we've been away, and if she really wants to come, she should get to. We've decided that kitty shopping is probably one of the best kinds of shopping there is, except for the whole thing where you don't get to buy all of them.

Today I'm thankful for finally finding that color code personality test online, people being happy to take us kitty shopping, being more than halfway done with the fanbook (dun dun DUN), Oreo being such a trooper last night and swallowing his medicine even when it made him gag like crazy, and still having leftover chocolate oatmeal cookies.
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