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To be honest, working on the fanbook (dun dun DUN) isn't quite as bad as we've been making it sound. It's actually kind of fun to search through the older volumes to find the exact match of the page we're looking for. It just gets a little tedious after a few hours is all, so the first half of the day is like, "La la la♪ Searching for pictures♪", then after that it's like, "Nnnnngh, why aren't we done yet...!?" Also, we tend to get carried away, so we end up working past our normal quitting time. And even though we do it completely by choice, it's still like, "Evil fanbook (dun dun DUN)! Making us work late!!"

The other problem we have, as some of you may have observed by the question we posed earlier today, is that we don't have a volume one to look through. We had a volume one, and then we loaned it to someone who seemed to think it was maybe a gift. That was our own fault for not being specific, so we didn't let it bother us until we started working on the first fanbook. At that point, we asked our boss at TokyoPop for volumes one through thirteen, and she said she'd get us what she could, which turned out to be all of them except for volume one. But then we happened to be at a bookstore with Mom, and we were talking about how we needed that book, so she just bought it for us. And that was very good.

And then, we didn't need it anymore because we weren't working on fanbooks at all, so we loaned it to someone else. This time, we were very clear that we wanted it back as soon as she finished reading it. But this person has a very hard time working her mind around the right-to-left format, so I don't know if she's been putting it off, or it just keeps slipping her mind or what, but we don't have it back yet. When we started working on the second fanbook (dun dun DUN), we realized this was going to be a problem, so we found her at church and told her we're very sorry but we need the book back. The next week was General Conference and we haven't seen her since. But she said she'd finish it and give it back, so if we can just track her down, we might actually get it back someday... Someday...

(Incidentally, that's supposed to go into a song from Alice in Wonderland, not Someday My Prince Will Come from Snow White, although neither of those songs has anything to do with that post. Wait, scratch that, the Alice in Wonderland song probably could be related to this post, because it's about how she gives herself very good advice and then proceeds to not follow it.)

But all that (except for (if we remember) the volume one tracking down) is going to be put on hold very soon anyway, because happily! we got an e-mail from our boss at Del Rey and as soon as we get the book, it will be time for us to work on the next Negima!, which is due sooner than the fanbook (dun dun DUN). Actually, it's kind of scary to go from fanbook (dun dun DUN) to Negima! to fanbook (dun dun DUN) again, but there are two things. The first one is monetary. The second is that, when we remembered what happened at the end of the last Negima!, we also remembered that we're very excited to see the continuation. Hopefully the lexicon will be short... but thinking about what's coming, that's not entirely likely. Also, it's kind of exciting to have anything new to work on these days, work's been so slow lately.

And in completely random news, we finally got around to checking out disc 2 of the special edition Little Mermaid DVD that came out back in '06, and wow, we didn't know that about Triton and Ursula! Ugh, I'm so disappointed with us for waiting so long to find that out.

Today I'm thankful by having just been joined by a kitty (which is actually a little sad, because I need to get up to work on costumes really soon here, but he's so sweet, and Athena was going to stay here anyway, so it's all good), a short reprieve(?) from the fanbook (dun dun DUN), art galleries with very little text, finally watching Little Mermaid extras (we still have more to watch!), and having time to work on costumes right now.
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