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Today has certainly been eventful. Our ward took a trip to the temple to do baptisms this morning, and we had asked our Relief Society president to give us a ride when she was driving us to see Oreo on Monday morning. But on Monday night, she got sick, and the next day it was no better, and after talking to people with some experience, they concluded she had the swine flu. We don't know for sure--it might just be a normal flu--but at any rate, she wouldn't have been in any condition to drive us to the temple this morning. We were very bad and chose not to call anybody else so we could sleep in, but our RS president is in fact pretty awesome and she called someone for us. So we got to go to the temple anyway, and that was very very nice.

When we got back, we were already late for giving Oreo his medicine, so we shoved it down his throat and then Mom called and asked if we were still up for going to the fair with her and the four-year-old twins she's been helping to take care of since their mom passed away about a week after Mimsy did. So off we went to the fair! We looked at all the livestock and came very close to adopting a kitten. Now I'm thinking maybe we should have, but we are so terrible at making snap decisions like that. In fact, we stopped by the SPCA booth and looked at all of them, and it wasn't until after we'd left that Athena was like, "Ooohhh, maybe we should go get that one calico...!" but by the time we got back, someone else had adopted it and then we couldn't choose between any of the others. The problem is that choosing one means rejecting all the others. We've seen too many kids' movies about little kittens and orphans.

There was an art contest thingie thing that seemed to have entries from a bunch of high school kids, and there was kind of a lot of fan art. This only makes me more curious to see if the local news people would be interested in interviewing manga translators (we did translate the #1 selling shojo manga in America, after all). But we didn't stop by any of their booths.

We spent a good deal of time chasing the little twins around the awesome play area that had been built. It was pretty incredible. They had a fort and a pirate ship and there was another place with a water wheel but we didn't make it as far as that one. I don't remember ever being fascinated with simply running around in circles when we were little, but it's possible there was a time when we were. At least they were big circles full of neat things to look at. And mist!

And then the twins got really really tired and sad that Athena got to go into the kitty pen and they didn't, so they were a big handful on the way home. We would have probably helped Mom to put them to bed and stuff, but we wanted to get home early enough to show Oreo we don't only show up to shove medicine down his throat. Also that would have meant Mom would have to get up again to drive us home after they were down, thus preventing her from sleeping herself. Fortunately, Mom will have other people to help her.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the temple, getting to go to In N Out afterward, getting to go to the fair, having opportunities to serve, and being home now.
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