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We've hit the Hard Part

First of all, before I forget again, the other day, Dallin H. Oaks gave a speech on religious freedom that we thought was neat and wanted to share.

In a completely unrelated topic, we realized again today that our workspace may very well be The darkest corner in our apartment. We're sitting here in the dark, hunched over our Fruits Basket collection, and I'll glance over at the window and realize, oh hey, the sun's actually out. It's kind of strange. We've been considering moving our workspace into the spare bedroom, which gets a lot more sun due to facing the street and not being blocked by a tree, but that place is so full of Stuff that we'd have to take at least a day off just to get things organized. We'd also have to get our sisters over here to take their stuff away, darn it! Maybe it's time to be more proactive, what with winter coming along.

In the meantime, we finished the very kind part of the fanbook (dun dun DUN) that's organized by chapters, and now we have to look everything up based on art style and guesses. They have a special feature on scenes where people are eating together, and most of them are so tangential to the plot that it's almost impossible to see a scene and think, "I know exactly where that is!" Not that we were any good at that to begin with. We're just too easily distracted by other things to have read Fruits Basket multiple times. And all the flags we still have marking the pages from when we did the first fanbook mean nothing to us now. We really should have seen this coming after the first fanbook, though, and taken appropriate measures, alas. At least the art style is a good enough indicator of whether something's in the first or second half of the series.

Incidentally, when we got to the dining scenes feature, our work rate went from about four pages an hour (already very slow) to about one page every fifty minutes. Fortunately, looking to the future, there are pages where the "looking stuff up" portion of the job will take a lot less investigation. Is that the word I'm looking for? I don't care, I'm tired.

In kitty news, Oreo is doing very well, but he's being a little bit picky about his food. And so, Mom will be coming later to take us to PetSmart and run various other errands, including feeding Celeste's dogs. On the very bright side, he is eating, and can even force himself to swallow the food he doesn't like so much when he gets hungry enough. (It's okay, Oreo, we understand being picky!)

(Speaking of Oreo, at about four-thirty (half an hour after we usually stop working), he came by and starting meowing at us. It seemed kind of like he was saying, "Hey, why are you still working?")

Today I'm thankful for having plans to go to PetSmart, teleporting kitty! (suddenly he's much closer than he was a second ago, and he's lying there like he's asleep!), getting to play Final Fantasy X-2 last night (we started playing it three years ago when we didn't have anything to do before FF12 came out, and then FF12 came out and we ditched it, poor thing), getting comp copies from Del Rey yesterday (and from Yen Press last Friday), and the UPS finding us to give us our comp copies (they came in two packages, but one of them had the wrong apartment listed!).
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