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The Fanbook (dun dun DUN)

I knew that as soon as we started working on the fanbook (dun dun DUN) again, I'd be all ready to vent about how haaaaarrrrrrd it is. Fanbooks are fun, and we like them and all, but they're haaaaaaarrrrrd. There's just too much text.

First of all, fanbook (dun dun DUN) translation work isn't even really "translation" work. Of course there are a bunch of little blurbs and explanatory paragraphs and stuff that need translation, but for the most part, it's a matter of copy and paste. The only problem is there's so much material to copy and paste from that we spend a bunch of time just looking stuff up. For the last fanbook, we saved all the consistency checking until after going through the whole book once, so we know that that by itself took about seven days. This time, we're checking as we go, so at least we'll have less work after the first run through.

This second fanbook (dun dun DUN) is also kind enough to let us know which chapter every scene depicted is in, so we know exactly where to look. Or at least, it's that kind right now, while we're in the "favorite chapter" section. They had a reader vote to see which chapters were the most favorite, and they have a mini-feature on each of the top twenty chapters. It's actually pretty neat to see what all the Japanese readers liked. But what's not so kind is that every chapter in volume 21 has made it to the top twenty.

See, volume 21 was translated at a bad time. Not only were we going through a silly little "what's the point, everybody's already read the scanslations and they're just going to change it anyway" phase (actually very common with the later volumes of Fruits Basket), but 21 came either right after or very soon after we were told we need to translate as literally as possible. I think we've gone over our "literal translations suck" theory enough that I don't need to go into it now, but since we had been told to go more literal, we were being more literal than we used to. So now, as we go back through our script for our copy and paste purposes, we're almost constantly thinking, "Seriously? We translated it to that!?" I don't remember being nearly as appalled with our past translations when working on the first fanbook. Maybe it's just because we hadn't learned as much by then, but...

And since volume 21 is clearly very beloved, we're not very happy that our translation of it was so bad. Blah. Oh well, what's done is done. Hopefully this will snap us out of our "But what if it's not literal enough!?" funk, because man.

Anyway. We're kind of terrified about how things are going to go once they stop organizing everything by chapter. It almost makes me wish we had made an archive of the entire series, all in one file, so we could look up a line in Japanese and see how it ended up in English. But there are so many more better things we could be doing with our time that really I'm not that sad.

On the bright side, there's an adventure game that looks like a lot of fun, and we already skipped ahead to get our new Juusanshi fortunes. This time it's based purely on numbers (birthday, month, year) and we got the Snake! Very interesting. So that will be exciting if we can survive everything else.

I'm sure we can. I just like being melodramatic.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo keeping his medicine down this morning (last night he threw up exactly the one medicine that will fight the source of the problem), Oreo coming out from hiding (after being nice enough to keep his medicine down, he proceeded to hide under the bed for almost our entire work day), features being organized by chapter, wake up calls to not listen to people demanding literalness, and having tentative plans to go to the fair on Saturday.
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