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Back from the vet

Oreo's back and he's doing just fine. He's on five different kinds of medicine, which is a bit daunting. Actually, I guess he's kind of only on four, since we didn't give him the appetite stimulant. He's making sure to eat, though, and the doctor said it would be okay to just drop that one.

He's been following us around and being adorable almost all day. There were a couple of times he suspected us of getting ready to take him to another bad place and hid under the bed. It was only slightly problematic, because one of those times we needed to give him medicine. Incidentally, we're very happy that he's kept all the medicine down so far, because after this last week, one of my greatest fears is to give him medicine only to see it on the floor a few minutes later.

Last night during Castle, the phone started ringing. There was only one person we could think of who would call that late at night, and that was the vet. We were pretty terrified for a second. She was calling to inform us that she forgot to give us the anti-diarrhea medicine for Oreo. We hadn't noticed, either, even though she gave us a list of five medicines and only showed us four. This made us a little sad, because we were tired of going back and forth to the vet's office, but we were very happy that that's all it was. And at least this time we didn't have to bring Oreo.

Now the trouble was finding a ride. It was late, though, and our phone calls availed us nothing. Fortunately, the doctor said it would probably be okay if Oreo missed a dose, so we decided to try again in the morning. We tried our RS president again, but she didn't pick up. (She called later to apologize for missing our calls--she had taken Nyquil and was out cold.) So then we called Mom, who was super ultra hyper busy to the max, which we kind of knew she would be, but we were hoping to work something out. Unfortunately, she was so busy, she couldn't even let Celeste take her car. She was about to very grudgingly agree to take us anyway when call-waiting chimed in.

It was our home teacher! I still don't really know why he called (I think it must have been inspiration), but he asked how we were doing, and I immediately took advantage and told him we needed a ride to the doctor's office. He came right over and we got Oreo's medicine! And he got forty dollars, because the doctor had promised to reimburse us for gas as her way of apologizing for forgetting. I guess she gave us so much because I told her we might have trouble getting a ride and she suggested paying our cab fare, should we go that route. And that just goes to show that it pays to help people. It also really helped to let us know that the Lord is watching out for us.

After that, we decided we really needed to finish up our entry for the Kurodahan Press translation contest, and we were happy to discover that we still had time to work on Me & My Brothers afterward. The story is getting pretty intense. (I should hope so, it being the last volume.)

Today I'm thankful for miraculous calls from our home teacher, having so many people helping us out with rides and stuff (I think I was thankful for that already, but it's very important), having all of Oreo's medicine, the doctor being kind enough to reimburse us for gas, and Oreo doing just fine.
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