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Happiness is...

Sometimes, I don't want to type about things that make me happy, because it doesn't really flow. But I want to make sure to keep it up, because if I'm unhappy, that means the wrong side is winning. So here goes.

I'm happy that somebody invented disinfectant alcohol pad thingies. We were playing Duck Duck Goose at Family Home Evening last night, and I got a pretty bad rugburn on my ankle. Normally I would have dealt with the pain, but soon after it happened, someone gave the spiritual thought, and it dealt with blood a lot, so I was feeling pretty faint. So after the story, I pointed out my injury to a few people, and our home teacher went in search of a first aid kit and I got to use one of those disinfectant things for the first time! It stung a lot at first, obviously, and then it was like I'd never gotten hurt! It was amazing!

I'm happy that Evan Farmer hosts While You Were Out.

I'm happy that we have a couch. Well, a loveseat, but a piece of furniture for the living room. You really don't realize how important things like that are until you don't have them.

I'm happy to have Saiyuki songs stuck in my head.

I'm happy that Sakura Kinoshita created The Mythical Detective Loki. She knows so much about mythology that amazing doesn't even begin to cover it.

And I'm happy that we get to translate the one series for TokyoPop, even if I can't tell anybody what it is.
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