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Kitty's coming home!

We went to pick up Oreo this morning, but he had had some diarrhea, and the doctors thought it would be best to replace those lost fluids before sending him home. We got to visit with him for a while, though, and he was very active and also seeming to want desperately to leave. We got a cute picture of him hanging off the edge of the examination table♥ We were very sorry to leave him yet again, especially since we told him he'd get to go home in a few minutes we think, but he'll get over it. He hissed when the doctor picked him up to take him away, poor guy. So she let us leave first, so that we could be the bad guys by leaving him, instead of her taking him away... but we think he'll forgive us when we actually bring him home?

Anyway, pretty much it's the same as I said yesterday--we still don't know if it's cancer or inflammatory bowel disease, but since we can't in any way afford the exploratory surgery, we're just going to put him on prednisone and hope for the best. If it's a severe cancer, it won't do any good; if it's a mild cancer, the prednisone will hold it off for a while; and if it's IBD, prednisone is exactly what he needs, and he should be able to recover completely. In the meantime, we're taking him home and need to make the most of the time we have, which is really what you're supposed to do all the time regardless of anybody's good or bad health.

This time it was our Relief Society president who drove us to the vet, and we discussed the possibility of a ward Relief Society activity where we just all go see The Princess and the Frog. We're trying to get as many people to see it as possible. Hopefully it will be good, so all those people who were only kind of interested will recommend it to their friends. Anyway, RS president is a Disney fan who also enjoys Final Fantasy, yet she had never heard of Kingdom Hearts! She also happened to win a Playstation 3 in an office drawing a few weeks back, so hopefully she'll remember what we told her about it.

While we're waiting for time to call the vet again, we've finally been getting some work done. We're supposed to be working on a rush job, and yet we only got thirty pages done on Thursday, and zero pages done on Friday. We were hoping for a hundred pages today, but we only managed seventy. We should still get it in well ahead of deadline, but we have a bunch of other stuff to work on, too. Whew, it's a little overwhelming, but we'll manage. Start with the laundry at your feet, and all that.

Today I'm thankful for getting to bring Oreo home today, getting a bunch of work done, having a great RS president to take us to the vet and talk and talk and talk while we wait to see Oreo (someone brought in a cat who was in critical condition before we got there, so we didn't mind waiting), Castle being on tonight (hopefully it will be less depressing than last week's episode), and getting to eat breakfast today (our food schedule's been a little weird lately).
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