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Kitty update

We got a phone call this morning. It was from Mom (checking on the situation), and it came at about ten, so we figured afterward we might as well get out of bed. Then we got the call from VES. They did all the tests and the main thing that stood out was that they found enlarged blood cells, so their immediate concern is lymphoma. I learned during the conversation that that's a kind of cancer.

So we had three options. First, we could take him to UC Davis where the specialists could use their special powers and cutting edge research to find out exactly what's wrong and do everything possible and maybe even cure him! Second, we could have them do exploratory surgery here in Fresno, and they could send the results to experts (apparently there's a website where you can just register and send all the information, and experts come on and tell you what the deal is!), figure out what exactly the problem is and work out a treatment plan, the risk being any risk involved with surgery, especially considering that Oreo is pretty old for a cat. And third, we could try prednisone and if it was the right kind of cancer or whatever, it would just knock it out of him. The risk there would be if the prednisone doesn't work, it could make it harder to treat the real problem.

So we went with option number two, because we still don't think we can get to UC Davis. The doctor said he had vomited up all his fluids, so they needed to keep him there to get them back in him, but we should visit him because he was acting pretty sad. So off we went to visit him. He seemed alright, but kept looking around for maybe a way out or somewhere to hide. We had brought our OMNI tote bag, because we tend to leave it on the floor, and then he tends to lie down on it, so we thought he might like to have it. (The nurse warned us that sometimes, somehow, things like that will be mysteriously spirited away, but we figured if it got lost, we can ask Kyoya to buy us a new one next time he goes to Akihabara.) During our visit, he kept trying to burrow under it, but it was too small to be an effective hiding place. We'd help him get inside it instead, but that wasn't satisfactory, either. We were very sad that we'd forgotten his habit of hiding under blankets when he's scared (he hasn't lately, because it's been summer and, except for all these crazy vet trips, he hasn't had much to be scared of), but we told the nurse about it, and she said they'd get a blanket for him to hide under.

Since it's not an emergency operation, and it will take a lot of time and attention, it might be a while before his surgery--they want to make sure the timing is right, which could be as late as Monday morning. We were instructed to call at eight if we haven't gotten an update by then. In the meantime, we hope he has a really nice blanket to hide under. And by "nice," I mean "good for hiding."

Today I'm thankful for remembering ways to help Oreo feel calm, Leia being kind enough to drive us again, hearing about changes of plan before we buy our non-refundable tickets to Mickey's Trick-or-Treat party, getting to visit Oreo, and being able to keep it together and not be sobbing uncontrollably during the whole visit.
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