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The adventures continue!

A lot has happened in the last day. There was more blood, so we took Oreo in for x-rays, we got anti-nausea medicine (the one we thought was anti-nausea was actually to lessen stomach acid), Oreo hates that particular medicine enough to induce vomiting to get rid of it (ironic), he still wasn't eating anything, and barely even touched the tuna we got for him, so we took him back to the vet for an IV. Then we got priesthood blessings and talked to people, and we're seriously considering getting a new friend for Oreo.

Our major concern as far as the new friend plan is that we don't know if that will help him not be so lonely, or if it will stress him the heck out. And since we're pretty sure stress is what's stopped him from eating, we're a liiiittle bit hesitant. But that Siamese tiger was still there today, and he's only six months old (meaning Oreo will be older and hopefully more dominant) and the thing says he's good with other cats. But somebody else was looking at him today, so we don't know if he'll still be there. There was another cat who was a girl, which we thought might be better, but the other girl cats we've known tend to be bossy and a little fierce. But anyway, when it occurred to me that part of how we dealt with Mimsy's passing was that we had so many friends and family members to comfort us, I realized that Oreo probably really does need a friend. The trick is getting one who will play nice.

In the meantime, we had to get Oreo one of those cone things, because the vet's office closed before they finished giving him the IV fluids, and nobody wanted to leave him there all alone. So he's still got his catheter in, and we don't want him messing with it. When we first brought him home, he was really good about it, but then he went off by himself, and when I checked on him, he had been messing with the bandage around his leg, so on the cone went. He seemed at a complete loss. If he's good and hangs out with us later, we can take it off, because we'll be keeping an eye on him, but he'll have to wear it all while we're asleep. That's what he gets for being bad. It's called choice and accountability.

In the other meantime, we're maintaining our sanity because it turns out Me & My Brothers is a rush job, which means we need to get that in before we work on the fanbook. This is a cause for tremendous relief, at least for a few more business days. (Me & My Brothers: very easy. Fanbook: probably the hardest kind of thing there is to work on. Except maybe patents. Very glad it's not a patent.)

Today I'm thankful for managing to get Oreo to and from the vet, our home teacher taking time out to come give us blessings, getting to work on Me & My Brothers instead of a fanbook while dealing with this, the fanbook not being a patent, and cat food designed specifically for cats who need food but have empty (and therefore sensitive) stomachs.
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