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It's nice to have a normal work day again. Not that we haven't had normal work days recently. We had one last Wednesday, and the Thursday after that... except that we stopped early on Thursday. I don't have a problem with stopping early, though, just as long as we've been productive. And, not entirely surprisingly, the Tsubasa story had absolutely no spoilers, so we probably didn't have to make sure to read the series first, but we appreciated it that much more.

What was I going to talk about? Right. Newsradio. The other day, they had that Writer's Block prompt about when do you watch a lot of TV. We watch a lot of TV when we're feeling sad or lonely. We also kind of watch a lot of anime and animated movies and stuff, but for some reason live action TV is what helps best when we're upset. I think it's because it requires the least amount of brain commitment--when we watch movies, we want to be able to focus, and when we watch anime, that's in another language. And yesterday we were freaking out about Oreo, so we wanted some nice, easy to watch television.

That's when I remembered that we had recorded a bunch of episodes of Newsradio back when it was on A&E some time when we were in college. And thus we watched about three hours of Newsradio, which is only about six episodes, so not really that much. And now after I've explained all that, I realized that I just wanted to explain all that, and I don't really have anything in particular to say about the show itself, except that it's awesome. And Bill is a lot like Stephen Colbert.

As for Oreo, he seems to be perfectly fine. Well, perfectly fine if we would just give him some more food already. But his dinner time isn't for another forty-five minutes, and that's when Athena's nice enough to give him dinner early. We've detected much less of the smell, and he even seems to be twitching his ear less. But we're still going to take him in for a check-up. His next comprehensive exam is scheduled for December, and paranoia doesn't wait that long. And our home teacher was kind enough to agree to drive us, as long as we can get the appointment for when he's not in class.

And now, I think it's time to see if that first episode of Miracle Train is available.

Today I'm thankful for having a bunch of Newsradio on tape, our home teacher agreeing to drive us to the vet, having a normal workday for once, the hold being taken off of the check we deposited last Monday, and getting to pay rent without worrying if we'll end up overdrawn.
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