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Conference was awesome again, of course. Elder Christofferson gave a really good talk about the need for an internal moral compass, and how if people can't control themselves, we have to depend on the law to control people for us. He used the example of how men used to use gentlemanly conduct to control themselves and protect women by enforcing good behavior, but now we have to use the threat of sexual harassment suits. And he used the example of how dishonest practices in banking and housing have led to economic collapse, which we now need to fix by creating more regulations. He also pointed out that people get more creative in circumventing the laws, so it's impossible to create enough laws to completely regulate conduct. And if we can't control ourselves, it results in more limits for everybody.

But more importantly, President Thomas S. Monson gave a talk on service. I realized (again) that I need to ask myself every day, "What have I done for someone today?"

In other news, we are freaking out once again. A few days ago, we started catching whiffs of what we recognized as the smell of Mimsy's drool when the cut in her mouth was infected, or "infection smell" for short. Of course, we would grab Oreo (who was always nearby at the time), but we wouldn't be able to find anything for sure, and so we dismissed it as an imaginary smell. But today, we discovered where it's coming from, and it looks like we need to take Oreo to the vet. We'd probably be freaking out about this a little less if the vet were open on Mondays. At least this gives us time to secure a ride. In the meantime, we're going to take it as a good thing, because we'd been wondering about his ear-twitching for a while, but we weren't sure if we should take him in to get it checked or not. Now that we need to take him in anyway, we can get his ears checked while we're there.

Oh, but man, do we hope this isn't serious.

Speaking of the phrase "oh, man"... last night, I was thinking about political correctness, and I wondered how men feel about the use of that phrase. So I asked Sarah's husband and Steve's son. Scott immediately answered that yes, he was offended to hear that phrase. Then he went on to say that if we use, "Oh boy! (excited)", it makes up for it. Kee hee hee.

We also watched Song of the South last night. It was interesting to note how much Brer Rabbit sounded like Roger Rabbit. I'm convinced he was copying now. But somehow, I find Brer Rabbit to be less annoying (I remember liking the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, but I still don't much care for the character).

Today I'm thankful for two more great sessions of General Conference, getting to watch Song of the South yesterday, having a specific day planned for Disneyland trick-or-treating so I know how much time I have to make costumes, reminders to always be trying to help people, and having wild cherry blossom scented shampoo.
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