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Wow, today has been intense. Full of intense manga-reading, that is! Bam! (<--meaning unknown) We sent some hopefully soon-to-be work-related e-mails this morning and then took the rest of the day off to read Tsubasa o Motsu Mono. Not only does reading for long periods of time take a lot of energy from us, but these books are heavy! We got the newer editions, where it's two volumes of manga packed into one, man! Those pages are made of some ultra-dense paper or something, because it's hard to hold them up for a long time. Or it could be because of our utter lack of muscle tissue. Either way, it's exhausting. And we're not done yet! But that's okay, because we like reading manga.

Also, we took some time out to watch the last two episodes of Shugo Chara!! Doki. We're looking forward to the new Shugo Chara starting... wow, I guess in about an hour and a half.

But more importantly! Crunchyroll got Miracle Train, which for all we know is a horrible and boring series, but the characters are personifications of the different train lines in Japan, made into bishounen, so. Still, it would be nice if Crunchyroll had better translations. We came up with a theory that maybe they want to have less good translations so that distribution companies can license them and advertise better translations, thus giving the public more reason to buy them. I don't think it'd work, though, because the public is too in love with free.

I think we had some kind of a rant about how hard it is to prove the quality of translation work... something about how either somebody knows Japanese or English but not both and so nobody can really judge if any translations are accurate or not, except for the select few who actually do know both languages, and, at least in our case, we're usually too distracted by whatever else it is we're doing to go on any kind of quality-raising crusade. Maybe someday...

In the meantime, this weekend is General Conference! Yay! We've had a really stressful long time, so it will be nice to get to hear lots of uplifting messages from our church leaders. If anybody wants to check it out, here's the page with the broadcast information!

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend lots of time reading manga, getting the chance to see if Miracle Train is any good (doesn't start for a couple days), General Conference starting tomorrow, finally finding time to watch those last two episodes of Shugo Chara (brought to us by a certain kitty pinning Athena to her chair at the computer), and not having explosives implanted in my brain.
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