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Nnnngh, I don't want to update LiveJournal right now. (Athena: You could do it later.) I don't think updating later would help though, because I feel like our life is boring right now. Not that I'm bored, just that I don't think we're doing anything that would interest anybody else. I mean, really, how many times can I say, "We're trying to work on costumes but Oreo keeps getting in the way" and keep it entertaining? I did get a picture this time, though. But I'm too lazy to upload it.

There is something new and exciting, actually! It's actually only a little bit new, because it started a while ago. Someone is writing a dissertation on manga and stuff, and so they want to interview us! That's neat! We just got the questions... yesterday? Some day that was recently. But we haven't started answering them because we decided we should, like, do our job or something. And then we got distracted by costumes. Cutting out fabric always takes longer than I want it to, even when Oreo's not being a jama.

And hopefully the dissertation thing isn't some sort of Top Secret business, because I just totally blew that person's cover. Except for, y'know, saying who they are and stuff. So really, it could be anybody anywhere! There's no way to know! Okay, so there probably is, and it might not even be that hard for all we know, but we hope nobody will do that. I don't see how it would profit anybody to do that.

So I was thinking a long time ago about how I kept having these urges to punch things in the face. It got worse and worse, until eventually I realized that whenever something upset me a little bit, I'd say I wanted to punch whoever was causing it (or the thing itself; I wasn't picky) in the face. So I stopped saying that, and I think I'm a little less violent now. Before that, I also had problems with calling things retarded. I kept it pretty well out of Live Journal, but offline, wow. So I was thinking about it, and I realized that there are certain words or phrases that can control your life if you let them. Okay, so maybe not your whole life, but they're kind of like an addiction. They sneak in and get you to keep saying them, and the more you say them, the more you feel the need to say them, and it's just kind of crazy. And they somehow manage to make life less happy. And that was a random thing I had been thinking about for a while, and now I have finally mentioned it on LJ like I wanted.

Today I'm thankful for overcoming language addictions, getting to help with a dissertation, getting a bunch of costume pieces cut out yesterday, being done with the ironing, and having piles of fabric for Oreo to lie on. He seems calmer when he's on a pile of fabric.
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