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Recently, we've been thinking we need to get a picture of Oreo coming out of a bag, so we can make an icon for when people figure out stuff we're working on. Though we might technically be able to use a picture of Mimsy on top of luggage, because she is, in fact, outside of the bag. We'll have to think about this. But we're a little too busy to think about such things right now. I want to get our costumes done so we can say to our Disneyland associates, "And here's what they look like," and they'll be all like, "Whoa! That was super fast!!!" But that whole ironing thing just keeps getting in the way. We did make sure to get the darker fabrics ironed, so now I can cut stuff out while Athena irons more fabric, thus making more efficient use of our time. But it sure doesn't help that we don't have an ironing board, and our table is low enough that it hurts to iron at it for too long. Oh well, we'll get it all worked out in the end.

In the meantime, we've also decided that we've been away from our official job for too long, and we need to work on the things we have contracts for. Hence, today we ditched the fanbook and are working on manga. But man, we've been away from manga for too long. Progress was sooooooo sloooooow. (Have you noticed how I never just say "so slow"? It always has to have multiple vowels.) And we had to stop early for a couple reasons, including that Athena had plans to go visiting teaching, which apparently have been canceled.

In completely random news, Castle was super awesome last night. First his grammar crusade, then Beckett pointing out that Girl Scout cookies are sold in February. It makes us happy to know that people remember that. Now if only they'll address the "...and me" vs. "...and I" issue, I will be one very happy fangirl.

We're not sure if Oreo is following us around for company, or because it's been cooler today than it has been in a long time. As I pointed out to our apartment manager this morning, the weather is very very nice, but after having hundred degree weather for so long, eighty is practically freezing. But he's also showing signs of boredom, so we're thinking we want to get him a toy to see if that helps. Unfortunately, we have no money right now. Boo. I wonder if they still sell squiggle balls. We want to get him something moves on its own, because he gets bored with stuff that just lies there.

Anyway, I guess that's enough rambling. We have stuff to do. Today I'm thankful for not getting killed today, Castle addressing grammar issues, the nice weather today (oh, how it reminds us of DisneySea...), being approximately halfway done with the ironing, and progress picking up on today's translation.
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