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This is how out of it I've been. I totally got an e-mail from Clay today, and I didn't even realize that that's what it was until I'd been staring at it for a few seconds. And it's not like it's difficult; I don't get a whole lot of e-mails in Japanese, and I get even less that start with "こんにちは、クレイです" (Konnichi wa, this is Clay). It's especially frustrating because for the past few days, I've been like, "I hope I get an e-mail from Clay soon..."

I clearly need to knock some sense into myself.

Now I'm just a little sad because we were in the middle of reading the e-mail, and we got to the part where he started talking about Gundam Seed, and Athena's like, "Oh yeah! He's two episodes ahead of us!" So we had to stop reading because of spoilers. Oh well. I guess this just means we'll have to watch Gundam Seed. Oh darn.

So anyway, here are some more things that make me happy:

I'm happy that I have Clay as a penpal. E-mail buddy. Whatever you want to call him.

I'm happy that there's a manga called Fruits Basket, and that I get to read it.

I'm happy that it's overcast and a little rainy today! (We really do like rain)

I'm happy that I have a genuine Disneyland nametag. I'm not sure if I'm really allowed to keep it, but I ended up not going to my last day of work, so I never found out, and they never called demanding it back, so...

I'm happy that BYU has such a good Japanese program, because I think it really helped in getting us to our current level of Japanese knowledge, and I'm happy to be able to understand Japanese.
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