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The movie night was okay. It was fun at first, because there was pizza, and we got to talk to a few people and stuff. I was hoping for more compliments on our costumes, but at least people made sure to get pictures. One guy was wearing a shirt that was black and had Japanese on it, so I think it was his "ninja" costume. The really funny thing about it was that the shirt basically said, "Hi!" From a ninja, that's hilarious. The movie, Kung Fu Panda, was okay as well. Not great, but entertaining. It could just be our own personal problem with action movies, in that we have a hard time paying attention to action scenes.

After the whole thing, we felt more alone than usual, which is actually not uncommon for social activities we go to. That's part of why we don't go to very many. But we came home and watched the Niji segment from Oborososhi, and then we felt better. Shimon is just way too adorable.

In other costume news, we're beginning to have our doubts about our Beauty and the Beast cosplay group. I think it's just a side effect of not actually spending that much time with the people we want to be in the group, and pessimism kicks in pretty easily. It's not that we don't think they could do a fantastic job, because we're pretty sure they all can. It's just that we start to think that maybe nobody really wants to do it after all. This theory is kind of ridiculous, because I just called Han today to see if he'd heard about the plan from Gaston yet (he hadn't, which doesn't help), and he seemed pretty gung-ho about it. So we just keep telling ourselves that just because people might be less excited about it than we are doesn't mean they're not excited about it. We just happen to be very very excited, so everyone else can be very excited and still be less excited than us. On the other hand, costumes do cost money, which is something nobody in our group really seems to have. So we'll just have to see. We have some creative people in our group; I'm sure we can come up with something that doesn't cost too much.

In the meantime, Sarah has agreed to take us fabric shopping today! Yay! So hopefully she'll remember that she agreed.

Today I'm thankful for Niji, plans to go fabric shopping (if we don't go today, I'm sure we can convince Sarah or Mom to take us soon), the second Fruits Basket fanbook being announced, getting some chores done today, and forecasts of cooler weather in the very near future.
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