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Cosplay plans

I have so many things to whine about involving work today, but I'm afraid all of them might give away what it is. Boo. Oh well, whining isn't always productive anyway. Unfortunately, this project takes up so much brain power, I tend to forget everything I was planning to update with.

Let's see... we checked the Disneyland Trick-or-Treat website thingie, and discovered that it is okay to dress as Disney characters! Yay! We just can't pose for pictures for other guests at the park. I don't know if that means we'd be at risk if we were taking pictures of each other, though. That would be sad, all dressed up as Beauty and the Beast characters and not able to take pictures with Disneyland stuff in the background. I guess we'll just see what happens as far as that goes. Even if we can't take pictures at the park, we'll probably be able to find some other way to have an awesome photo shoot. We've got a lot of creativity in our group.

In other costume news, Friday night our ward is having a movie night, featuring Kung Fu Panda. I don't know why, but they decided to make it a costume event. When our home teacher (he's on the activities committee) announced it, he said it's a kung fu thing, but no one would hurt you if you showed up as a ninja. So we were like, "Okay, how about an onmyouji?" and decided to come dressed as Yasuaki and Eisen. Onmyoudou is kind of a martial art (it's got dou at the end!), so we figured it would work, and Eisen uses his priest powers to fight monsters, so we thought that would apply, too. Only there's also going to be pizza and root beer floats, and Eisen's top layer is made of silk. So we were a little unsure how to proceed with that until we remembered that Amiboshi and Suboshi are fighters, and they actually live in China (sort of), so they have more of a kung fu look anyway. Especially Suboshi. So that's pretty exciting, only maybe not so exciting to talk about.

And other than that... I'm tired. We have to go search for a pattern to use for our Halloween costumes, so I think we might go off and do that.

Today I'm thankful for getting a check that will help us pay for all these crazy schemes (the Halloween event costs extra to get into, pout), not being forbidden from wearing Disney costumes at the Disneyland Halloween event, not having to work on that crazy book for the rest of the day, getting a nice card from our former home teacher, and having chocolate pie to eat for dessert tonight.
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