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Thanks for all the support and everything, everybody. We took Mimsy to Mom's place and we (Mom, Celeste, and us) watched as Steve buried her, and we all cried. Then Sarah showed up and we spent time talking and generally cheered up. We didn't consider that coming home and realizing Mimsy wouldn't be here would come as such a blow, but we've recovered from that, too. We're still sad, of course, but we're at a point where we can go on with life relatively closely to normal, but maybe with a little bit of extra crying here and there.

In the meantime, there seems to be a lot of tragedy all around. While we were at Mom's house, there were three extra children there. They belong to the neighbors across the street, and their mother had been dealing with osteo-arthritis for a really long time. She had been taking pain killers for it, but the acetamenaphin in them destroyed her liver, and she was rushed to San Francisco last night for a transplant. Mom was only going to watch the kids for the night, I think, but the dad got a call this morning informing him that the mother wasn't likely to make it through the day. And here we thought we had it rough. (Not that I don't still think that, but if our loss was so hard, it's really difficult to imagine what those kids and their dad are going to go through.)

And in the midst of it all, we're going to Disneyland tomorrow. It almost doesn't make sense. But that's the day our friend from Japan is going to be there, and chances to see him are very uncommon. Plus we still need to give him the autographed Trigun stuff we got for him at Anime Expo. We talked to a bunch of people about it, and they all encouraged us to go, assuring us that it wouldn't be too insensitive to go so soon after losing Mimsy. There was one person (Han), who was convinced we wouldn't be able to have a good time because we'd be so sad, but when I told Cousin Jonathan, he said of course we could have a good time, we have to have a good time for Mimsy. And after spending time with people tonight, we're pretty sure we can at least put the tears on hold if they try to sneak up again. Our biggest concerns are that scheduling conflicts mean Gaston will be driving us down there, and he's a fun guy, but we're just not used to him yet, so it's a little nerve-wracking. And the other concern is leaving Oreo all by himself, but he seems pretty chill at this point, so we think he'll be okay, too. And when we get back, we'll make sure to give him lots and lots of attention.

So anyway, we thought we should probably mention that, so nobody gets too worried if we don't update tomorrow. Thanks again for all the support!
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