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Taking a breather

Today has been rough. Mimsy was crying a lot this morning. I think we finally figured out that it was because she was in so much pain, because now that we've given her pain killers, she's quieted down considerably. I know pain killers is obvious and we should have been doing it more regularly, but we didn't want to stress her out by forcing something down her throat when she didn't want it. We've repented, and we will be giving her pain killers more regularly now.

In the meantime, this morning when we put her on the bathroom counter to watch the water from the sink, she decided to get inside the sink. I turned the water off so she wouldn't get wet, and she cried out like I was hurting her. I checked to see if maybe her fur had gotten caught in the faucet, but that didn't seem to be the case, and when I turned the water back on, she didn't complain. So I decided maybe she wanted a bath, and I cleaned off her fur as well as I could, since one side of her was against the sink's wall. Unfortunately, we do not actually own a hair dryer, and that meant that now Mimsy had to go around wet for several hours (since she wouldn't sit still in a towel or anything) until Mom finished being super busy and could bring us hers. And of course, Mimsy didn't like being dried. After a while, we did force it on her, and I think we're all better off for it. Though I'm not sure how it really affects us. Anyway, I think she's better off for it.

We did have some anguish about whether or not we should call the vet and have her put to sleep, but after praying really hard and asking Mimsy (by taking her toward the cat carrier and seeing if she protested), it seems she still doesn't like that option. That's when we finally thought, "Oh hey, maybe we should give her some pain killers." In our defense, we don't like taking pain killers ourselves, so it's something we don't think of very quickly. But maybe I should stop being defensive. I just feel really bad about it, so I'm making excuses to myself.

Anyway, last night, we got a phone call from Brother H, asking how we were doing. We were completely shocked by this phone call... okay, not completely, because he's a very nice person and it's certainly not out of character, but still shocked. And not only that, but he apologized for not calling sooner (his family went out of town recently, and then he had to catch up as we all tend to have to do after vacations), which shocked us further still. Here's this very busy doctor, who deals with people losing much more than a pet on a regular basis, and he's making sure we're okay. So I wanted to write that down somewhere so I could remember to work harder on being the kind of person who can reach out like that.

Today I'm thankful for Brother H's kindness in remembering us, Mom buying us a Brita filter, finally giving Mimsy some pain medication, having groceries, and those new fudge sandwich cookie things from Keebler being on sale (not the elf-shaped ones--they're new because they're bite-sized or something).
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