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More Mimsiful adventures

I was so focused on posting pictures yesterday that I forgot to explain about the cat fountain. See, Mimsy, in her restlessness, got tired of the bathtub and had decided she really wanted to investigate the kitchen sink. Athena was slightly opposed to the idea, because we saw a commercial once a while ago that said that your kitchen sink has so many more germs than your trash can. Of course, there's not a whole lot that germs can do to Mimsy to make things worse, though I guess they could make things more painful, but since she insisted, we went ahead and put her in there anyway. She seemed to want to try drinking from the faucet, just like she seemed to want to try drinking from the bathroom sink faucet, and just like she seemed to want to try drinking from the bathtub faucet.

But in order to drink from any of these faucets, we have to leave them on. We'll turn them down to the smallest stream we can get, because she's still a little wary of getting wet, and she still has a hard time with it, so she'll stare at the water for a long time before attempting anything. This is not very good for conserving water.

So we decided to get a cat fountain. We had gotten one before, but our hard water killed the pump, so it didn't work anymore. Of course we had thought of ordering a new pump online, but we didn't because we didn't want the shipping to take forever. So instead we waited forever to go buy one. If we had ordered the new pump when we first thought of it, we probably would have gotten it before we bought a new fountain. But it's better this way, because the one we had before had a ramp that the water ran down, and this one has a little waterfall. Mimsy's method is to put her mouth as close as she can and let the water fall into it, so that was the kind we wanted. Unfortunately, the little pool at the bottom is too wide for her liking, and she doesn't really make use of the waterfall, but she does drink from the pool.

So now we have a little cat fountain so we can always have running water for Mimsy without wasting a ton of it, and the sound of it makes us wonder if we left a faucet on somewhere. She still has a hard time drinking, and we thought about turning it off so as to stop the tantalizing sound of the water, but she seems to like hanging out in the area around it anyway. But her favorite place would still seem to be the kitchen sink.

We also seem to have finally worked out a communication system. If our theory is correct, she will meow for one of three reasons. One: she wants to get our attention. Two: she's thirsty and we need to turn on some water. Three: she doesn't like whatever it is we're doing. So if we pick her up and she meows, we put her back down. If she doesn't, we take her various places to see where she wants to go. This may sound like a lot of trouble to go to, but we love Mimsy, and she doesn't actually meow very often anyway.

She did something very sweet this morning. I woke up at six-thirty and heard her meowing, so I went to keep her company in the bathroom. I wonder if cats wake up in the wee hours of the morning freaking out about various things, too. Anyway, I stayed with her for a good long while, and she had calmed down, so I went back to bed. Half an hour later, I heard her meowing again, so I went back to join her. It was about then that I realized that that extra thirty minutes of sleep might have made me even more tired, like a sleep appetizer. I don't remember if I helped her off the bathroom counter or if she was already on the floor, but at any rate, she settled down in the doorway, so I sat on the floor beside her and started to pet her. Then I decided to lie down in the hall outside instead, so I did that and closed my eyes. She must have realized how tired I was, because she started meowing and moving away out of reach, like, "No, I don't need you anymore. Go back to bed." Or maybe she was just being fickle, as cats tend to be, but anyway, I think it was very sweet of her, and I went back to bed again. Then I worried that I'd hurt her feelings, but she let me pet her later, so I think it's okay.

Today I'm thankful for Mom being kind enough to drive us to PetSmart despite her very busy schedule this week, having a rough idea of how to interpret what Mimsy wants, getting books from the UPS guy today, name indexing being a job that can be done while singing along to Disney songs, and already having a magnifying glass.
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