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Wow, our sense of time is completely skewed these days. Yesterday it seemed like the strangest thing in the world that it was only Monday, and today I'm convinced it must be, unless it's not. (I know it's Tuesday.) And then we were eating cookies, and it only felt like a few minutes, but it turned out to be almost half an hour. Ah well.

Last night we did a terrible thing. We were all together with the kitties, having a good time and not being sad about anything at all (no, really!), and then we noticed the big glob of gunk on Mimsy's eye. We don't know where it came from. We don't know if it's from the cancer, or if she had an eye infection that she was fighting off before she had the cancer (anybody remember me mentioning her squinting?) that she can't fight off anymore now that she has no energy, or what. And we had no idea if we should try to wipe it away or if it was some kind of growth on her eye and wiping it away would only hurt her or what, and we're still having a hard time convincing ourselves that cancer is not, in fact, contagious. So we started freaking out, and she sensed the change in energy and immediately relocated to under the bed. Fortunately, we have since calmed ourselves down and things are peaceful once again. The eye gunk seems to be just an abnormally large glob of your standard eye gunk, and it has since been blinked away onto her cheek (to be partially wiped off by us, but only partially because she didn't want to hold still).

In completely non-related news, we had some time before Jeopardy! yesterday, so we decided to check some websites to see if there was anything new or exciting going on. One of our stops was Yukiru Sugisaki's website, which had actually been updated. Like, two whole months ago! (The last update before that was in October of last year, so you can see why we don't check it very regularly.) Turns out Sugisaki-sensei has started another series! And all her fans are like, "Why...!?" I think she might be taunting us with that picture of Zero on the blog entry. Will she never get back to Megami Kouhosei? Athena suggested starting a fan letter campaign, to inspire her to go back to it, but we're so unmotivated we think it might never happen.

At any rate, we're pretty excited about her new series! Apparently it started in February, and it's in what we imagine to be a seinen magazine (based on the boing factor of most of the other titles in it), so we think the chapters will be short. Maybe that's why she agreed to do it. Or maybe it's just like so many writers who come up with ideas, write the story part way, and then get more excited by some shiny new idea and ditch everything else for that. Yeah, that's probably it. (Incidentally, wow, Tsubasa Chronicle is actually going to end?) Anyway, no volume one yet, so we're still waiting. Just like we're waiting for so many other things.

We also found out about a video game that has us a little excited. We've been getting the Dengeki newsletter, which is a Japanese video game news e-mail, so we know about the release dates of things like Final Fantasy XIII and stuff, and sometimes the very short descriptions of new games look interesting enough to look into more. The one that caught our attention this morning said something about it being a romantic adventure game aimed at girls (meaning lots of pretty boys), full of gags, and based on Grimms' fairy tales. What could be better than that? So we checked it out and it looks super adorable. (Actually, we checked out the article at Dengeki, which has the best picture of Wilhelm.) It's about this girl Henrietta who's hanging out with her cousins the Grimm brothers, and suddenly everyone in the world disappears! except her and the youngest Grimm brother, Ludwig. So we totally want to get it. But there's no official release date yet. Boo. But in the meantime, we're kind of in fairy tale mode, but only kind of. Man, I want to watch Beauty and the Beast.

Today I'm thankful for finding out about new things early enough to not be like "What? Why didn't I know about this!?", video games based on fairy tales, not having to worry about tsunamis right now, being calm about the eye gunk, and having a PSP so we can play fairy tale games (y'know, after we can afford buying them--but at least we don't have to buy the PSP!).
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