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We've finished working for the day and normally we'd go grab something to eat right now, but Oreo has Athena pinned to her chair. It rained last night, so it's been relatively cold in the apartment, by which I mean in the 70s. I guess the contrast is too much for all of us, which makes us worry about Mimsy, who's at a point where she doesn't seem to want anybody to touch her. But anyway, Oreo has decided it's cold enough to sit on laps, and we always hate to push kitties away.

But what to talk about? We're still not really "working" working. I said we were working, but that was on our contest entry for the Kurodahan Press translation contest, for which we'll only be compensated if we win. We have a Scheme to implement as far as maybe getting Viz's attention, but we e-mailed them only about two weeks ago, and we're not sure if that's too persistent. We also e-mailed Del Rey about some missing payments, and fortunately, that will be taken care of post haste. At least I think that's the adverb that was used. At any rate, it should be quickly.

We watched The Great Muppet Caper last night. I don't have much to say about it though, except that it's awesome. I had a hard time paying attention to the second half, though, because of worry about Mimsy. Not that worrying will really affect anything, since the outcome is pretty much going to be the same no matter what we do. We paused the movie for a bathroom break, at which point Athena told Mimsy we would give her some painkillers if she showed interest by coming out from under the bed. She came out immediately, so medicine she got. But that's when I realized that what I thought was a strangely arching back was in fact a very very very empty stomach. So we figured if she was willing to take medicine, she might want some food, too, but when I offered her some (it was in a syringe so we could help her swallow it), she ran away as fast as she could. Maybe I should have explained it was food first. It probably won't be much longer anyway, but we're wondering if it's time to put her down. The vet's closed today though, so we won't have to decide until tomorrow.

We've realized that a lot of our really painful experiences tend to start in autumn. I guess it's not technically autumn yet, but we always lumped September in with autumn anyway. I thought maybe that's why autumn always felt creepy and like something I prefer to avoid, but then I figured that whoever decided to have things like Halloween and the Day of the Dead in autumn probably felt like autumn was kind of creepy, too. And really, we've had some pretty good experiences in autumn, too, so I should stop complaining.

Today I'm thankful for being almost done with the first runthrough of this translation, quick responses from people in charge of getting us paid, being done with work for the day, the sun coming out today, and getting to watch The Great Muppet Caper.
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