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Oreos and no more milk

It would appear that in our recent obsession with Mimsy's medical state, we've been neglecting Oreo just a tiny bit too much. I mean, it's not like we're kicking him out of the way to get to Mimsy or not feeding him or anything. It's just that, like us, he's gotten his eating habits out of whack. This probably has a lot to do with us getting out whatever we can think of that might be enticing enough to get Mimsy to eat something, anything, and Oreo realizing that hey, if he waits long enough, he can probably get that, too. As a result, he hasn't been eating his normal food. And we're not entirely sure tuna is all that good for him, either. And he's sick of the extra yummy stuff we have anyway, so even when we do get that out, he's not interested anymore. And yesterday, apparently he was very nauseous.

Fortunately, the nausea seems to have passed, and we have since bought some normal catfood that's hopefully not something he's sick of or hates anyway. We have added hope that the more novel food will attract Mimsy as well. Last night, she was being really active, jumping on the top bunk and meowing at people. Not that she was, like, super hyper or anything but definitely nowhere near as lethargic as we'd expect from a cat who hasn't been eating for the past few days. We almost have this hope that she'll put the cancer into remission by sheer force of will. (Don't worry; we're still being realistic. Nothing wrong with dreaming, though.)

Also today, we got some pain meds for Mimsy. They must be pretty serious pain meds, because the doses are only a tenth of a cc. The doctor said we could give her up to two a day, but we haven't given her any yet, because we're not sure if we need to wait twelve hours before giving her another dose, and if we give her a dose, for example, now (about 4:30), we'd have to wait until 4:30 to give her another one, and who's awake then? Okay, I'm sure some people are, but we're not among them. Though I guess if we waited longer than twelve hours, we wouldn't have to worry about overdosing. Anyway, we're a little reluctant to torture her with more medicine. But that's why we're glad the doses are so small.

Right, I was talking about Oreo. He'll occasionally scratch at his ears. This doesn't seem like anything abnormal--it's just something cats do, right? But for some reason we keep noticing it, and it has us paranoid. It doesn't matter that sometimes he'll scratch at his right ear and sometimes he'll scratch at his left ear. Earlier, he was scratching at his right ear, and then he looked at me with his right eye all squinty. So we're thinking we maybe should take him in soon for our peace of mind (he needs to get his teeth cleaned, anyway), but man are we tired of taking cats to the vet. That statement just made me feel kind of like a jerk--selfishly wanting to stay home instead of getting our cats' health taken care of--but a big part of why we hate it is that they hate it, so... I don't know.

In other unusual dilemmas, a friend of ours from Japan is going to be at Disneyland on the 21st, and we think it would be good to meet him there. First, it would be fun to hang out with friends, and second it would be a good opportunity to try our interpreting skills in a low-pressure environment. But we have no idea how Mimsy will be doing around then. I guess that's what communication is for. Hm, I guess I better call Han.

And last night our former home teacher came over to give us some goodbye baklava. He hadn't heard a thing about Mimsy, but it was nice to have someone come over to talk to for a bit anyway. I tend to take things like that as reassurance that we haven't done something completely and terribly wrong, so it was definitely good.

Today I'm thankful for small dose pain meds, Oreo not being nauseous for the last while, surprise visits from friendly people, the adorable photo shoot they had on America's Next Top Model last night, and peanut butter sandwich cookies from Keebler. Maybe we should have picked up some of the chocolate ones when we were at the store... Epimetheus.
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