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We don't always let our schedule be dictated by our cats. Usually we don't. But these are extenuating circumstances. We were getting some productive work done in the form of our contest entry for the Kurodahan Press thing that's due in mid-October (it's prose, but it's only a short story; if we were working like normal, we'd probably finish in about three, four days). But at lunch time, we remembered that when we decided The Cosby Show was our comfort food, we did a search for it and found out it was on at just about when we eat lunch, and they show it back to back, so we watched that. And when we came back to the bedroom (also where we work), Mimsy was fast asleep. So fast asleep that she didn't even open her eyes to stare at us like she usually does when we check on her, so we decided to let her have some peace and quiet while we hung out in the living room. I won't deny the fact that part of our reasoning is that we really like video games.

Speaking of Mimsy, the vet called yesterday and said he found an oncologist at UC Davis. But apparently that's very very far away. I explained that we don't do our own driving, so that could be a problem, and he said he'd keep looking. But now we've been reminded that we haven't exhausted all our options, so we were confused all over again last night. (I'm noticing I'm starting a lot of sentences with "but," as I get ready to do it again...) After talking it over, we decided that a three hour drive (we don't know if that's how far UC Davis is, but when I said I didn't know if we could go there, the doctor asked if we could go somewhere within two hours, in a tone of voice that indicated that two hours would be closer) would not be one of the best things to put Mimsy through when she's already suffering. Especially if the prospects aren't going to be good anyway.

So we decided that next time he calls, we'll ask if he can talk to the oncologist, explain the situation, and see if the oncologist has any ideas. If there aren't any ideas, then we already know going to one would be a bad idea. In the meantime, to calm myself down over the idea that the UC Davis oncologist may have had some miracle cure that we've now missed out on, I remind myself that Brother H is an oncologist, and unless there's some completely new, super promising thing that works for animals but Not People, he would have probably been able to suggest something.

As for Mimsy, she has taken to drinking directly out of the bathroom sink, which is adorable. I got a picture♥

But she won't eat anything, and when we were talking about the possibility of force-feeding her, she hid in the bathroom and took a very defensive stance, so we're pretty sure she doesn't like that idea.

In happier news, yesterday we got a package from some random place called Morinaga USA. That's when we remembered the Hi-Chew booth at AX. They were giving away Hi-Chew candy for free!!!, and when we tried to buy some, they said they weren't selling any--just giving it away! Wao! So they became our favorite booth pretty fast. We were waiting in an autograph line and starving so Athena held our place while I went to get some Hi-Chew candy, only they weren't giving away the individual candies anymore. Instead, they were giving out whole packs to anyone who filled out their survey. And to top it off, they would be having a random drawing for a free t-shirt. And who can resist the call of free t-shirts, really? Well, I bet you can guess who won their drawing. (Or at least one of the winners; I don't know how many there were.) That's right--me! So now I have a fancy Hi-Chew shirt, and I'm excited about winning. I think it's a nice reminder that just because bad stuff happens doesn't mean everything is going to be terrible from now on.

Today I'm thankful for winning a Hi-Chew t-shirt, there being another pack of Hi-Chew candy in the package, the Cosby Show being on at some time other than 3am (TV Land, how could you do that to us?), figuring out how to make original stuff in Atelier Elie without completely guessing if something might possibly work, and getting an extra roll of paper towels from Mom.
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