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Oh no, the LJ window is being weird on me again. Ah well. Mimsy seems to have gone into "I'm not coming out from under the bed for anything" mode, so now we just hope she doesn't mind our music. (Edit: She has just emerged from under the bed! Hopefully it wasn't because we're annoying...)

Last night the TV ended up being on a little longer than normal, so we decided we might as well see if there was anything good on to watch. As it just so happened, Cartoon Network was showing a rerun of Teen Titans, and it's been so long since we've watched it, and we really like it, that That was the show that won. But the significance of this was more in the commercials, because we found out that MacDonald's is now giving away American Girl toys in their Happy Meals!!!!

So immediately I called Mom, and she invited us out to lunch today. We're still not entirely sure it was okay to leave Mimsy (but sometimes we wonder if she prefers for us to be away, like she wants to be alone or something, so...), but we knew we wouldn't be gone for too long, so off we went! And we all got Happy Meals with little Addy books inside! They're so cute! Mom opened hers while we were eating, so we all got to see what was inside. There's a little story, and little cardboard dolls. They're kind of like paper dolls, only already dressed. And the book folds out to show backgrounds that you can stand them up in. And there's a little craft, too! In the Addy one, there are stickers so you can make a miniature story quilt! It brings back memories of when MacDonald's had activity books for toys. And it's educational! And adorable!

So of course we're all determined to collect all of them. Mom talked to the girl working there and all we got was that they only open up one box at a time, and right now they're only giving away Addy, but you can trade unopened toys for different ones at different locations. And, since Walmart was practically across the street, complete with another MacDonald's inside, off we went. Mom sent us inside to ask if we could buy the toy's without the meals, and lo and behold, we could! And the guy we talked to said they only had Kaya right now. Aww, just one? Oh well, let's buy it. At least it's one of the ones we really really wanted. So we bought it, and went to the pickup window to get it, and the girl there started pulling out toys saying, "We have this one, and this one, and this one..." They had Kaya, Addy, Felicity, Julie, and Kirsten! So we went back to the other counter to buy the three we didn't have yet. But actually we gave them all to Mom because she was the one whose money we used. And now she's going to talk to the people she knows who work at MacDonald's to see about getting the other three (she teaches seminary, so she knows high school kids).

Berry Berry... Wow, I'm distracted right now. Anyway, right. Twin powers. Of course they have the twin powers. Siiiiigh. But we talked about it and Athena pointed out that Hidaka-sensei may not have been able to get away with having a series about identical twins if they didn't have twin powers. Like how she was talking about convincing her editor that Saito and Rihito shouldn't have different hair styles. And it works out really well with like, the actual plot and stuff. So now that we're used to it, we don't mind. Kurumi and Sasahime are very very cute. The names are kind of... not really "twin" names, but their nicknames are both sound effects indicating quick motion. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

It was cute how they bragged about their junior cell phones. Like, "Yeah, we like childish things, and we're not afraid to admit it to the world!" We can definitely approve of that. Also, their begging Juri to go to PiYoYo Land was very relatable.

They each have a guy! That is definitely a charm point for twins like us who like to read shoujo manga. But then both of us kind of like Utamaru better than Narihira, even if Narihira has a better name. Athena points out that Narihira does have his Sugimoto-like traits (which is very true), so we can't write him off completely. I think it's the droopy eyes we don't much care for. In Hidaka-sensei's latest style, the droopy eyes look really really weird. But Utamaru is the one who might have psychic powers. He's still a mystery, which is really a large part of his charm. That and his automatically sounding like Takahiro Sakurai. Characters who automatically sound like him tend to be favorites of ours, even though he's really not our favorite Japanese voice actor. Narihira, on the other hand, automatically sounds like Kenichi Suzumura, who we tend to either love or hate. It's complicated. Now I want to play Crisis Core. Hm.

Narihira has a hoodie with bunny ears. This is very strange, because the rest of his fashion seems to be pretty close to Kyo Sohma's, with maybe a bit of Hatsuharu's flashiness. Combining that with Momiji... that just... there aren't really any words for it. (Incidentally, the bunny ears' insides (where it's pink on normal rabbits) were lined with a leopard print.)

We had seen it pointed out that there's not as much slapstick humor, and that is true. We suspect that's because it's more of an action series than Hidaka-sensei's other works. So all the pent up energy needed for the slapstick humor is channeled through the more legitimate action instead. Or something.

Also, it's interesting that they went to an amusement park, because we wish we could live at Disneyland. When we sent our fan letter to Hidaka-sensei, we sent the picture of us with Brer Fox at Tokyo Disneyland, and now we're wondering if she got it, and if she did, did she get it before or after writing the chapter about the amusement park? (Since it's the last chapter in the book.)

Today I'm thankful for American Girl Happy Meal toys, honey for chicken nuggets, getting to read Berry Berry, happening to see that commercial so we knew to go to MacDonald's, and MacDonald's locations that will sell the toys without the meals.
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