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(I don't think this entry is as depressing as the title might make it sound...)

I definitely think we can function again today. It's kind of interesting, because sometimes I feel like I could break down any second if I'm not careful, and sometimes I'm just like (for example), "La la la, I like Baked Ruffles♪" But anyway, our goal is to maintain a positive attitude, because who wants their last days to be full of people crying all the time? The biggest problem we have with that is that there's the one thing that's like the biggest thing going on at the moment, but we're tired of dwelling on that, so we need to come up with other topics and we can't. So then we start complaining about, for example, Crunchyroll and why the heck did they end our Anime Membership now when we signed up at the end of March? If we signed up for a six-month membership (apparently not available, so we're wondering if they even existed at all), we should still have until the end of the month! But then we're like, "No, we're not going to complain about stuff, because we want things to stay positive." And then we're out of topics again.

Anyway, we're trying to do stuff we know Mimsy likes, but we're having a hard time of it, because we don't know for sure what any of that stuff is. Except for reading manga. We've been doing a lot of that lately. I also seem to remember her sometimes coming to hang out with me when I'm playing the piano, so I've been doing a little of that, but I can't remember what I was playing when Mimsy would come along! It's a little bit maddening. But yesterday when we were talking to Brother H. (I'm not into using initials to represent people because it can get really confusing, especially if someone's name starts with an A, and they're the subject of a sentence, so the first "word" is A, and then I'm like, "A? A what?" but I think with titles, it should be okay) yesterday, he mentioned how you can tell that when someone is good to their pets, the pets really love that person a lot. And since Mimsy didn't even hold it against us when we gave her medicine, she probably won't hold it against us if we can't figure out all her most favoritest things. But I still want to do them for her.

So when Crunchyroll told us our subscription was supposedly over so we couldn't watch the latest episode of Shugo Chara! after all, we went to watch FullMetal Alchemist instead. (We got an e-mail yesterday from our Japanese penpal and he was like, "Are you happy that Mamoru Miyano-san is playing Rin?" and we're like, "What? Rin? We don't even know who that is! Were they even in the first series?" which just goes to show how well we remember characters, but anyway it made us remember we have a bunch of catching up to do.) And Mimsy, who had been sitting on her chair behind us while we tried to watch Shugo Chara!, got up and left during the opening theme. And we were like, "Oh no! She must hate FullMetal Alchemist! Aaaaaahhhh!!" It was kind of funny. But we watched the episode anyway, and she came back as soon as it was over. But then she went back to her hiding place under the bed and stayed there even while we renewed our Anime Membership and watched that episode of Shugo Chara!. So I guess her heart wasn't as set on watching it as we (or I, anyway) feared.

Today I'm thankful for having leftover Baked Ruffles for snack time, Mom staying to talk to us after she brought us home last night, Mom washing that afghan for Mimsy (we're not sure if it's her favorite, but we seem to remember her liking the soft red yarn; that's the problem with forgetting about all the blankets once it starts to heat up), having lots of time to take off reading manga (I need to type up our thoughts on Berry Berry!), and getting that fancy digital camera back at the end of June.
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