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Thanks again for all the support, guys! There are some comments we need to respond to, but they're going to have to wait. I think today we finally managed to quell the depression enough that Mimsy doesn't mind hanging around, and we want to take advantage of it as much as we can. Responding to comments would not only keep us away, but could potentially bring the depressingness back. But we did read them, and thank you all. *hugs*

We had our friend take over at the church library, and instead spent the the second hour talking to the one member of the bishopric who was still in town today. He was also on call at the hospital, so we really appreciate him taking time to talk to us. We also weren't sure how to go about addressing him about it, but the bishop had called before church instructing us to talk to him, and when we handed him our tithing, he asked if we had a moment. Apparently the bishop had called him with instructions, too. It was kind of like grief counseling. He's the same person we talked to on Friday, and we learned today that he is specifically a pediatric oncologist, so I really don't think there's a better person we could have talked to.

So that really helped, then after church we went to Mom's house for Steve's birthday dinner. We felt pretty guilty about being away from the cats for so long, but we think we needed to spend some time with people to kind of re-ground ourselves or something, and it's probably another big part of why we're able to hang out with Mimsy without randomly wanting to burst into tears.

Incidentally, parkcooper sent us a link to an online article explaining, as far as the writer knows, what we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints feel about pet loss and stuff. This is actually a topic that doesn't really get addressed in Sunday School and the like. Based on everything else we learn about every week, it's all very, "Yeah. Of course we believe that," but it's also really nice to see it written there with references and stuff. We only wish they'd credited the authors of the books cited (I confess, we don't read Church literature all the time, but I think you probably all knew that already). Anyway, here's the link for anybody interested. (Thanks for the link, Park and Barb!)

Today I'm thankful for a lot of caring and supportive people, being able to talk to the counselor in the bishopric, getting a chance to get away for a little bit but not too long, having time to spend with Mimsy tonight, and still having the Claim Jumper's chocolate pie Celeste brought us.
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