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Man, this day has been so crazy. And by "this day," I mean the last 24 hours. Okay, probably less than that, but it started last night. We got another check on Saturday, so we went to deposit it, and then off to the grocery store to obtain victuals! Only we discovered that Monday night is The Worst time to go to Winco. It was craaaazy crowded! Like whoa!

And then we watched the Clone Wars movies and it was dumb. The whole "I'm better than everyone else by virtue of the fact that I Say So" personality type is not one that we like in our main characters. Especially when they actually are better than everybody else. Isn't she supposed to learn that being a Jedi is actually really hard and her big talk is just talk until she gets serious and starts actually learning to be cool? Ugh. I think it has something to do with America's over-fondness for snark and then wish-fulfillment. Ah well, at least now we know.

After that, there was a new kind of adventure with Mimsy and medicine and slight digestive problems. I'm not going to go into details.

Then this morning, we got an e-mail from Udon Books. We sent them an e-mail yesterday asking about potential work. They do Manga for Kids, and that's Awesome. Now, as we told Celeste yesterday, we don't have self-esteem issues--we have other-esteem issues. We think very highly of ourselves, but we realize that everyone has their own opinion, and our own tastes don't always match that of the general public, and therefore it's entirely possible that while we like ourselves very much, most everybody else actually hates us. So we actually don't have very many problems writing to companies about work, because we know we're awesome and we're very good at what we do. But since people don't always agree, we're usually pretty terrified when we see that there's a response to those e-mails. Fortunately, our fears were ungrounded, and the response was along the usual lines of "we don't have anything right now, but your resume's really good, and we'll put you on file." Now it's just a matter of checking in often enough that they don't forget, but scarcely enough that they don't get annoyed. We managed it twice before, so we think we can do it again.

And then! it was finally! finally!! time to order manga. So off we went to Kinokuniya's website. First and foremost, we had to find out which stores had a certain book called Fantasia. From what we gather, it's a collection of short stories containing the very one that was chosen for use in Kurhoda Han Press's annual translation contest. And we want to enter that contest, but they want everyone to support the writer and not get illegal copies of the story. So we get that, we make the rest of our order, and then, since we don't have anything else productive to do (okay, I'm sure we could think of something), we indexed some more names. That was crazy, too, because the guy who took the census Athena was indexing had intense handwriting. Reeeeally hard to read. And then! we checked our e-mail and we got some sad news from Kinokuniya.

Some of the items we ordered were out of stock, they said. Aww. Well, okay, I guess we can just wait and order those another time, since the store we ordered it all from didn't have the latest volume of Haruka. So what was out of stock, anyway? Berry Berry and Saiyuki Gaiden!? Those were two of the three reasons we made this order to begin with!! (By the way, Saiyuki Gaiden 4 (the final volume! gasp!) came out about a month ago.) So after lunch, we went and made another order from a different Kinokuniya. So much for saving money. Eheh. (Don't worry; we actually had a budget, and we didn't go over it, even with the extra shipping.)

Speaking of parentheses, is there some rule we didn't know about where they're like quotation marks now? We keep seeing people putting sentence-ending periods inside parentheses (like this.) We thought they were supposed to go outside (like this). Now it feels like that first "like this" sentence hasn't been ended. (Of course, if it's a new sentence entirely, it makes sense for the period to be inside.) But I guess there could be some new style going around.

Anyway, I think I've rambled enough for now. Today I'm thankful for lots of the stuff we wanted being on sale yesterday (maybe that's why there were so many people), having cinnamon alphabet cookies to dip in our brownie batter, being on file! at a new company, shiny Dissidia avatar backgrounds at Square-Enix Members, and finally getting to order manga.

PS: Mentioning Square Enix Members reminded me that we got some pretty pictures as part of their scheme to let the fans do all the Dissidia advertising for them! See!
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