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The Great(?) Brownie Batter Scheme

Today certainly has been interesting. Some people seem to think we're not very hard workers, so I hate to admit that we didn't get any work done today, but it wasn't from lack of wanting to. We just don't have any work to do. So instead, we did some more research on finding work to do. We e-mailed another manga publisher, and then! we filled out profiles on Disney's career website. We're not sure if that will pan out very well, since they seem to never post freelance openings (but we did find out through one posting that they do, in fact, hire freelance... or at least freelance copy-editors, anyway), but now they have our resumes on file at least. We'll just have to keep checking the openings occasionally.

In the meantime, Celeste and her husband came to visit today! Yay! Celeste's birthday is coming up, and since her husband will be out of town doing some military training stuff, she wanted to get together with her sisters to do Something Awesome. So last night we were thinking about how her bachelorette party was kind of lame, and decided to make up for it by coming up with something not just awesome, but Super Awesome that we could all do together. Then we came up with Build A Bear, and we checked the website to see if it would be affordable, and it was, and the animals were all so cute that we got really excited and called her right away. But we had to act cool about it, because for all we knew, she hates Build A Bear with a passion, or has had some kind of traumatic experience with Build A Bear that would render her unable to enjoy a birthday trip there, and we wanted her to be able to turn the idea down without making us feel bad. Fortunately, she thought it was a good idea.

But while we were talking, she found out what's been going on with Mimsy for the first time, and she felt really bad and wanted to help out, so today she stopped by with her husband to give us some money to pay to take Mimsy to the groomers, since she's such a mess with all the medicine she won't clean off her chest. It was very sweet of them, but we were planning to do that already and we were pretty sure we could handle it, so we declined. And then we had a lovely time chatting, and we finally opened up the Stitch pineapple candies we bought at one of the Tokyo Disney Stores over a year ago. Eheh. But hard candy never goes bad (as far as we know), so it's all good.

In other news, we had been suffering from serious cases of the munchies for a while now. We think it's a psychological effect caused by our inability to buy snack foods. Basically, we don't always mind not eating snack foods, as long as we have the option. But when we don't have the option and the craving hits, we can't stand it!

So we came up with an utterly brilliant and utterly idiotic method to cure ourselves of the munchies. We bought a brownie mix a looooong long time ago (it actually expired in April...), and we never used it because we never buy eggs. (Foods that could give us salmonella scare us.) But the eggs are mostly there to make the batter rise when baking, right? So! we decided to just add water to the mix and eat the incomplete batter. And it would be so rich and disgustingly sweet that we would get sick and lose our appetites in no time!

...So now we have a couple of very full bowls of brownie batter in the fridge.

The plan was semi-effective, in that we did lose our appetites for chocolate after a very very short amount of time. Unfortunately, somehow the idea that, "Okay, that's enough sugar. Let's have something salty!" seems to have prevailed and the munchies still live. Also, in retrospect, it may have been tastier to just leave the brownie mix as a powder. Hmmm...

Fortunately, it's just about snack time, and we do actually have a box or two of Cheez-It crackers. Why didn't we just use them to assuage the munchies, you ask? Because then we would have run out, of course. And then what would we eat for snack time? Hm?

Today I'm thankful for brilliant and moronic (or is that brilliantly moronic?) brownie batter schemes, having Who Wants To Be A Superhero? on DVD so we can enjoy its awesomeness any time we want, our little sister being very very sweet, people voting in our logo poll, and lyschan managing to get the design on the computer without Athena having to figure it out, because she had no idea how she was going to do that.
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