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Relief Society was interrupted today when nearly the entire Elders' Quorum walked in during the middle of someone's comment. I think whoever was in charge could have used a little more discretion to avoid the huge disruption, so hopefully they will learn from this experience and not do it again. Still, what they did was very cute, so I guess I can't complain too much. Well, I can, but it wouldn't be fair. The girl finished her comment and the teacher wrapped up, and then the leader of this crazy shenanigan (I don't know if that's spelled right, but I'm too lazy to look it up) spoke.

Apparently they had just had a lesson on how amazing the Relief Society is, and so, to let us know how much they all appreciate us, they cut out a bunch of pink hearts and wrote on each of them in silver Sharpee, "I ♥ Relief Society!!" And they tied little packets of candy to each of them. I said I could complain more, and my complaint is that the candy wasn't chocolate, but since the lot of them had probably been left in someone's car in the 100 degree heat, chocolate probably wouldn't have really been a good option. Either way, it was adorable, so we have to give them credit.

In the library today, Disneyland Associate Donald came in to talk about the Walt Disney biography he kept forgetting to lend us. We started talking about when our next trip to Disneyland would be, and he told us Han was planning to go for his birthday in November. That didn't make any sense because last we heard, Han's birthday was in December, but it didn't matter either way because both of those months are forever away. So I was thinking about how maybe November's not so far away, it's just September and then... oh yeah, October. For some reason I seem to forget about October a lot. August, too. Athena suggests it might be because it's August is where October is really supposed to be, since October means eight something.

But since I remembered October, I remembered that Disneyland started doing some crazy Halloween stuff, and so we decided it would be awesome to have some sort of a theme and all wear costumes at Disneyland in October. Donald's up for it, but we haven't talked to Han and Leia yet. Of course, this all depends on the lot of us having money, so we'll see if it actually happens.

Also in the library, Athena's gotten into the habit of standing on the little footstool kept there. This is probably because there's nowhere to sit, and if we have to be standing the whole time, we might as well make it interesting. This leads to people coming in and asking questions about why she's standing on the footstool. Athena says, "It seems pretty obvious to me: Why not stand on the footstool?" But sometimes the questions are more interesting. One of the counselors in the bishopric walks by and asks, "Did they give you a raise?" He apologized today, since it was the second time he'd done it, but the only real problem we have with it is that if he's going to keep doing it, we need to come up with a clever response. Hm.

When we got home from church today, we discovered the maintenance guys had been here to fix our sink while we were gone. We had given them permission to enter, so it's not a problem that they came in, and we're very happy that our sink is draining again, but we really wish they wouldn't do that on Sundays. Shouldn't they have the day off? I guess if there was an emergency they'd need to be available, but our clogged sink had been waiting since we reported it on Friday, and it could have waited another day. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for dad jokes, our sink being fixed, cute little gifts from the Elders' Quorum, footstools, and our cats not running away when the maintenance guys came by.
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