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Dissidia woes

I think people might be tired of reading about Mimsy's problems, so I'll keep that part brief. I just want to say that there is little to no bleeding anymore, for which we are very grateful. Also, last night after we gave her the medicine, she scratched my right palm during her escape. Not seriously, just enough to make it itch a little.

Now, Athena learned a little about some lesser known superstitions back in school, long enough ago to not really remember why. She thinks it had to do with various reports on The Scarlet Letter. One of the superstitions she found out about was the belief that if your left palm itched, it was a sign that you would lose a lot of money. But if your right palm itches, it was a sign that you were going to gain a lot of money. So we were like, "Hey, maybe Mimsy just made us rich!" But then Athena pointed out that the itching was caused by a black cat crossing my path, so it probably doesn't count. Ah well *grin*

In other news, the Japanese Square Enix newsletter we got today informed us that they are, in fact, going to have an "international" version of Dissidia Final Fantasy. Athena is convinced this is because they hate her personally *grin* Here we were hoping to stay away from dubs as much as possible, and Square Enix goes and makes it less possible. Okay, so technically we don't have to get the international version, but we do if we want to see all the shiny new scenes they added. And we know they added scenes, because we were at the Square Enix pages today (checking the job listings; we're gradually getting more aggressive about that... very gradually) and there was a list of all the game features. They even specifically listed the North American version exclusive features, which means they know some of us are getting imports. The other NA exclusive feature is an "arcade mode," as if they needed another mode for this game. Sheesh.

So I figured we might as well check out who all the dub cast was. Not surprisingly, they got a lot of dub voice actors. I do think dub voice actors are a different group than cartoon voice actors that mostly do American stuff, but I guess these days they're mixing it up more. Anyway, they're mostly in the category of actors in Kingdom Hearts II, and that game's dub didn't impress us. On the other hand, they did get Keith David to play Chaos, which is Awesome.

They didn't have a Wikipedia link to the actor they got to dub Kuja, and since Kuja is one of our favoritest Dissidia characters, we decided to Google the guy and see if we could get any more information. Our search took us straight to the Internet Movie Database, which has a handy feature telling you when the next time they're going to be on TV is. As it turned out, he was going to be on Wizards of Waverly Place in six minutes! So off we went to the Disney Channel to see if he was worthy of playing Kuja. ...And we decided that it's actually really difficult to judge a person's acting ability from Disney Channel programming. The writing and the acting actually seemed like it's probably really good, but the directing wasn't really working. So we're still not sure, but his voice sounded kind of nice.

Still, we kind of feel the same way about English dubs that Mimsy seems to feel about taking her medicine, especially since we've already seen the Japanese version. I guess there is a danger inherent in getting the import version first. Hrm. But it was so shiny!!! And it has two... no three! Three of our favoritest voice actors! Ah well.

And that is today's installment of random voice actor geekdom.

In more random news, our sink's been clogging up. We suspect this comes from getting Mimsy's fur stuck on our fingers with her saliva and unswallowed medicine. So we went to report it today and discovered we had not one, but two packages waiting for us in the office! What the heck, delivery people? Where are our package slips!? Fortunately, the only somewhat time-sensitive one is the one that got there yesterday. And thus we learn that sink clogs can actually be helpful.

Today I'm thankful for our sink being clogged, the amazing timing of the airing that episode of Wizards of Waverly Place, getting our packages, having another new (and therefore working) dryer in the laundry room, and finally putting that Netflix disc in the mail.
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