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The adventure continues

Yesterday turned out to be pretty scary, and this time Higurashi really was the least scary thing about it. I should not complain about not getting to use the introductory sentences I want, it would seem. I wasn't complaining though... Okay I guess I was complaining about the mahjong stuff, so...

Anyway. We were noticing Mimsy bleeding or something yesterday, so we were like, "Oh no! What if she has food stuck in there again!" And we found a leveling spatula (I think that's what they're called--they're used for icing cakes?), which is basically like a tongue depresser only metal, and attempted to use it to see if we could check on Mimsy's wound. She has learned that her last resort when we have her captive is to hold her jaw as firmly shut as she can, and so our attempts failed, but Athena thinks she caught a glimpse of the wound and no food.

But that wasn't nearly as scary as when we tried to give her her medicine. As soon as she detects any medicine in her mouth, she'll start trying to spit it out, and apparently the effort involved in doing so aggravated her wound, because suddenly there was a mass of blood along her lip. It wasn't pretty, and we were freaking out. We couldn't decide whether it would be better to give her the medicine to help with the healing process or if her struggling would make it bad enough to cancel out any beneficial effects. But our instructions, tentative though they may be, are to give her medicine, so we persevered!

Afterward, there was a lot of very heartfelt prayer.

Fortunately, this morning there was a lot less blood. Except for the spot of it we found on the carpet in the spare bedroom, but that could have gotten there sometime last night.

Today I'm thankful for prayer, less blood this morning (at least, less blood outside of where it should be), remembering (because I'm reminding myself right now) that Wikipedia really is the best place to find all those mahjong terms, being done with all those mahjong terms, and catfood that doesn't require too much chewing.
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