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Salt, meet wound?

Before we finally got to work today, I was totally planning on starting this entry with, "Ironically, translating Higurashi is the least scary thing we did today." Then we got to work and there was a whole chapter on a mahjong game. Not that mahjong in itself is very scary, but the idea of having to look up all those scoring terms again is rather frightening. You'd think we'd have them all memorized by now, but they show up juuuuust far enough apart to give us time to forget. Boo.

Anyway. As I mentioned last night, there was a brief freak out session caused by the sight of Mimsy drooling a little. The sight was made panic-inducing by the drool being red. We managed to calm ourselves down--all we really could do with the vet being closed (or we could have taken her to the emergency center, but...)--and I even got to the point where I was like, "Eh, she's not bleeding anymore; she'll be fine until her recheck on Thursday!" But then it happened again. Of course, it was after that that we realized, "Um... I don't think Mimsy's been eating." So, to prevent liver failure, we gave her some milk (something she doesn't have to chew), and there was no blood in the milk afterwards. But we called the vet's office this morning anyway, and off we went to get her checked out.

As it turns out, her tongue looks about the same... as last time? I don't know; I just remember him saying it looked pretty much the same. Not sure what he was comparing it to. (Athena confirms it was the same as last time, but that was almost two whole weeks ago, and we all hoped it would look a little better by now.) Also, there was a biiig chunk of food caught in the wound, which has now been removed. We suspect that was the culprit on the non-healing. Still, if this stuff keeps happening, she may never get better, and that's no good at all.

The doctor only had two ideas for other treatment options. The first was to stitch it up, but since her tongue would still be moving, and the stitches would be in her very wet mouth, there was no guarantee they would stay in. Plus, there would still be a chance of food getting caught in them, and that would probably be even worse than food getting stuck in there without the stitches. The second idea was to remove her tongue, and none of us liked that one a single bit. So we decided to try a different antibiotic. And we got some more painkillers.

We're thinking we'll see about tracking down our home teacher on Sunday and talking to him about giving her a blessing. We're not sure exactly how that works with pets (what the policy is, etc.), but the home teacher we had before our recent home teacher switch... We had a fairly good home teacher for a long time, then he went out of town for a month and so they switched him; the guy in charge of home teachers is one of our Disneyland associates, and he seemed to want to change our home teachers for a long time, but we really don't know why. Also, he didn't because the home teachers we had were actually doing their job, which can't be said of all home teachers, so we kept them until there was an opening, we guess. But anyway, our old home teacher told us a story about someone he knew being asked to give a blessing to a pet, back when we were having trouble with Oreo. And Mom said they used to give priesthood blessings to the oxen on the plains when they were sick. So we'll see.

In the meantime, we're wondering if there's some way we can put her on a liquid diet or something, so we don't have to worry about any more food getting wedged in there.

So after we finished at the vet, we made Mimsy suffer a little longer so we could stop by an ATM machine and deposit that check we got yesterday. I inserted the check into the machine, and it told me they were going to put a hold on it. I wasn't sure what that was all about, so I just finished the transaction and went back to the car, where I could look at the receipt at my leisure. That's when I realized that it said they were going to hold the check until September 10. That's kind of far away. Mom said that's completely unreasonable, and it's good that she was there to say it, because otherwise we would have just groaned and dealt with it. But now that we know it's unreasonable, we also know to call the bank and ask what the deal is. So I called the bank and they said that the hold wasn't showing just yet, and they wouldn't know if it was actually being held or not until eight in the morning tomorrow. Boo.

We suspect it probably really is on hold, because we've been having problems with our account lately, what with the spending too much on conventions and having our identity stolen and not getting money for a loooong long time. And then when I tried to use that debit card to pay for Mimsy's new medicine, it didn't work, despite there being more than enough money in the account to pay for it. Boo again. So hopefully the bank can take care of it before rent is due, but in the meantime we still can't order any manga. Sigh.

But there's still plenty to be thankful for. Today I'm thankful for Mom being kind enough to take time out of her schedule for emergency veterinarian appointments, getting that chunk of food out of Mimsy's tongue, translating almost a hundred pages today, finding out that we should call the bank, and having more painkillers for Mimsy.
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