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Danny Phantom makes me happy.

I notice I tend to get repetitive...

Still, there were two episodes of DP this morning, so I'm happy. And I'm finding myself wanting to cosplay the series, but having no idea who we'd be.

Anyway, here are some more things that I'm happy about:

I'm very happy that Butch Hartman went into the animation industry.

I'm happy that somebody invented Saturday morning cartoons.

I'm happy that EyeShield21 was made into an anime, even if it is about football (grr), and I'm happy that Miyu Irino plays the main character.

I'm happy that we have honey-roasted peanuts to eat while we watch the special While You Were Out tonight.

I'm happy that JK Rowling invented Harry Potter, and that I have fake Harry Potter glasses.
Tags: danny phantom, gratitude

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