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Whew, we were out all day today. The invitation to dinner at Mom's was a little unusual (Steve made the call for one, and then they asked what we wanted), so, since we like to read way too much into things, we thought there might be something a little more exciting than usual this time. But there wasn't. That can be a very good thing, though, so I'm not complaining about it.

The day started out pretty normal, with church and stuff. I decided that the reason I can't stand the video presentations of scriptures and church history stuff is that it's like watching the movie adaptation of novels (because that really is what it is, only nonfiction), and I usually don't like those, either. The book is so much better.

Then we went to Mom's place and chatted with Mom while she finished making a doll dress. She's been on the biggest American Girl kick. We found out that they're going to retire Kirsten (actually we found that out a few days ago, but I didn't mention it then, so I'm doing it now), so we need to get all the books before they disappear.

When Celeste and her husband showed up (they were late because their ward meets from one to four), Celeste said, "I was hoping the Twins would be here!" And that gave us warm fuzzies. Then she told us she was talking to her husband about taking us to see Ponyo, and we were all for it, but then she found out we already saw it and lost all motivation. But this is understandable, because they only have one car, and it only seats two, so it really is just easier for them to see it as a couple. But then we made things even worse for Celeste, because while we were going through the spare bedroom, trying to clean it up some on Friday, we came across a letter from one of her ex-boyfriends. And we thought the name he put on the return address was funny in a "wow he was stupid" kind of way (he's the one known as the "con artist"), so we mentioned it. But her husband was right there, and he's not ready to hear about her previous boyfriends yet. It's something he'll need to come to terms with anyway, though, so hopefully this will all work out for the best. In the meantime, we're really sorry! (Not that either of them is reading this...)

After dinner, we were still having fun talking with Celeste and Sarah, but poor Kimee was bored with all the adult talk (even though it's not really adult. you all know the kinds of stuff we talk about), and she wanted to play Mario Party. We know what it's like to be bored little girls, so we didn't want to leave her hanging, and thus our conversation came to a stop. And then one of the boys needed something to occupy his mind and turned on ESPN, blah. So we couldn't even really talk while we played. We were kind of frustrated, and I felt bad leaving Celeste hanging after she was nice enough to say she looked forward to seeing us. Why can't we just all enjoy talking? I think we need to come up with some way to convince Kimee that it's fun to do things other than play Nintendo minigames.

But then we got to watch Atlantis and there were chocolate chip cookies, so it all got better. Except we were still feeling poutful, especially because the three people we most wanted to watch the movie with didn't get to watch it. Mom was making cookies, Celeste was in the kitchen talking to her, and her husband had left to go to work. Boo. And I just remembered that Mom asked us to leave it so that she could watch it, but we'd already packed it and I forgot. We'll just have to loan it to her next time we need a ride... which is actually soon.

Anyway, I think we've had a lot of pent up frustration lately, and we needed to do a little venting. So there you have it.

Today I'm thankful for having a nice dinner with people, sisters who will take us to see Ghibli films, getting to eat chocolate chip cookies, kitties wanting to hang out with us, and calming music.
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