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The Costa Mesa Kinokuniya has Berry Berry and we have no check. Boo. But then again, one time we ordered something from the Costa Mesa Kinokuniya, and they had to go get it from the Los Angeles Kinokuniya because it actually wasn't in stock. But then again, that might have been because we happened to order it right after they ran out of it, and it hadn't made it into the computers yet, nor had they gotten another shipment. Either way, we don't have a check, so it doesn't matter. But we should have a check or two by now! Whine. If this keeps up, we might go ahead and order Berry Berry by itself, and order the rest of our manga order after we get a check, but I think it's a little early to start doing crazy things like that. We'll wait until the weekend's over, since they probably won't ship anything before Monday anyway.

Today is one of those days that feels isolated from reality. That tends to happen when we take the day off from work. The other thing that tends to happen is that we have so many things we want to do and yet no idea of what we should do, so we end up spending a lot of time being like, "So, uh... what do you wanna do?" I think we've managed to keep it to a minimum today, but it's difficult to say for sure.

We started watching Fairy Musketeers on Crunchyroll, and it is SO CUTE! But Cinderella seems to be the main badguy at the moment, and that seems very strange. Why would Cinderella be evil? I guess we'll just have to watch and find out! Bam! (<--meaning unknown) But Hansel is adorable.

We also started watching Hanasakeru Seishonen, which... is... uh... interesting. Dripping with angst, is what it is. But the really interesting thing is that there's giant gap of episodes! They have the first four... and then it skips to fifteen! What? That doesn't make any sense! My theory is that Crunchyroll got the rights to it in the middle of the series and wanted to get the latest episodes out really fast. In the meantime, even the people who watch fansubs can't watch those episodes, because all the fansubbing groups were nice enough to stop carrying the series when the rights got picked up, so even the people who were keeping up with those are missing a couple of apparently vital episodes.

So we're thinking about e-mailing them and offering to help them fill up the gap, but we're not sure if it would be kosher, for a couple of reasons. One, someone else is clearly already working on it, and they might not want someone taking over their territory. Of course, there's also the possibility that they would welcome any help they could get, but that doesn't solve the other problem: technically we're supposed to be working on Wonder Beat Scramble for Crunchyroll, and we're not. We really should e-mail the guy in charge of WBS about that. Why don't we? I don't know. It's awkward. Or something.

The other reason we're not sure about e-mailing them is that we're not sure we care enough. It's true these subtitles could definitely use some help (people are complaining about name spellings, but those are the least of the subtitles' problems), but the characters are all kind of crazy. Still, it could be fun. And we're not too busy with real work right now. I guess we should go e-mail somebody at Crunchyroll. Fine.

Today I'm thankful for getting started cleaning the spare bedroom, having time to practice the piano, Fairy Musketeers and its adorableness, controller pillows (Oreo likes to use the PS3 controller as a pillow; I'm not sure if that's because he likes video games or if he hates them and is trying to prevent us from playing them. It's a shame we have so many handhelds these days.), and not having to give Mimsy medicine for a while.
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