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Today we saw a really good episode of the Cosby Show. They made it look like it was Theo learning about how life's much easier if you tell the truth in the first place, but I think the real message is in the exchange between Cockroach and Dr. Huxtable at the end. See, Theo had just been on trial, and Cockroach was his lawyer, and Mrs. Huxtable proved that the two of them had been lying about an incident that happened the previous day.

Cockroach thought the whole thing was great, because he thinks it's so fun that the Huxtables do things like have trials to teach their children lessons. But after the trial, after Theo had learned his lesson and promised not to lie anymore, Cockroach goes to Dr. Huxtable and says something about how it was really fun, but he hopes what happened in this house would stay in this house, because he didn't want his parents to find out what happened. Dr. Huxtable says, "Did you understand anything about what Mrs. Huxtable was trying to say?" And Cockroach answers, "About what?" "I thought so," Dr. Huxtable says.

Even the writers of the Cosby Show realized that all these people who watched the show and loved it so much weren't always taking anything away from it. I just hope I can be more like Theo.
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