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The Absent-Minded Veterinarian

We really like our cats' doctor, but he can be absent-minded sometimes. For example, when he gave us the medicine for Mimsy's tongue after her teeth-cleaning, we were about to check out when the nurse told us to hold on for a second because the doctor wanted to prescribe some painkillers. That was perfect timing, because we had just noticed something in the medicine bag that the other nurse hadn't told us about, so I pulled it out and asked what it was. ...It was the painkiller. So she went to tell the doctor that he had, in fact, prescribed some painkiller, and he was like, "But why wasn't it in the bag?" and she was like, "It was in the bag; they just pulled it out and showed me." That's okay; it was hiding under the Clavamox.

When we took Mimsy in for her followup appointment a week ago, since the medicine seemed to be working, the doc said to keep at it. So the nurse came in with the medicine, only the box seemed different somehow. So I asked her if it was the same medicine, and she said, "Something something aqua drops?" (I don't remember the first part, but it did seem to have four syllables). And we said, no Mimsy was on Clavamox. So she checked the records, and sure enough, we were right. But now we needed a new prescription. We were also a little concerned about whether the doctor had prescribed the right medicine to begin with, but it did seem to be working, so that was okay. But then we remember him suggesting the tuna juice to make it taste better, and we knew it would be okay because he said it was okay, but what if he was thinking about a different medicine and mixing Clavamox with tuna juice would cause some sort of horrible chemical reaction and poison our kitty?

We decided to go with it anyway, and fortunately, Mimsy is still very much alive. Plus, I've already explained why she's not getting tuna juice anymore.

In our latest installment of The Absent-Minded Veterinarian, the Twins realized that they have run out of Clavamox after seven days, while the instructions explicitly say "for 10 days." We don't think we were overdosing her for several reasons. Mimsy's been on a smaller dose since the followup, the doctor (or maybe a nurse) drew a line on the syringe so we'd know exactly where to fill it to, and we like to check the instructions a million times before putting potentially dangerous plans into action. We figure the medicine was to help with the healing process and she won't die without it or anything, but taking her off of it early doesn't seem like the best of ideas either. So, because it's best to ask the experts, we're going to call the vet, which I really don't like (making phone calls in general is scary).

It's possible they'll say not to worry about it, but if they don't, we'll have to get a ride, which we also don't like (we're always afraid people are annoyed at us), so we can get medicine, which Mimsy doesn't like, to continue her regimen, which none of us really likes.

But if it will help Mimsy's tongue get better, we'll do it! And we're not mad at the doctor at all--everybody makes mistakes, and this one is definitely not lethal. It's just another amusing anecdote to talk about.

[EDIT: The doctor says Mimsy's fine and we don't need any more medicine! Yay!]

Today I'm thankful for the ability to fix mistakes, communication, Maes Hughes (we actually did watch some FMA yesterday), the word "anecdote," and having extra free time today.
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