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Happy Cafe is a super fun series but it's driving us crazy. It's got just about as much text per page as Gakuen Alice, sometimes more, but then it goes and has pages with no text whatsoever. We would like those pages except that we don't get paid for them. On the other hand, when we're doing the adaptations of something, we're getting paid double for each page, so when we come across a page with just like, "Uwaaaaahh!" and nothing else on it, we're like, "Is it really okay to get so much money for this?" But we don't do the adaptation for Happy Cafe, and there are rarely any pages with only one or two things. It's usually packed with text or completely devoid of it. But the overwhelming majority is packed. Still, the characters are super fun, so we love it anyway. We should just stop being petty about text free pages.

Last night Oreo was very sweet and stayed on Athena's lap while we watched video games. That's just typical, thinking he can get away with eating flowers just because he's adorable. And yet it's true. I am ashamed. But not really.

Anyway, we were watching video games last night, by which I mean taking advantage of Kingdom Hearts II's theater mode. It's interesting to watch the game in theater mode, because when the scenes aren't interrupted by long bouts of fighting, it's a little bit easier to follow the plot. Mostly I just wanted to mention that we got to the Port Royal part, and it was sooooo much better watching it in Japanese. There were like, emotions and stuff. It was amazing! But still kind of annoying, because it really just doesn't quite fit. Sora should never have had a pirate phase after Kingdom Hearts not two (it's not technically Kingdom Hearts I, but it technically is... it just depends on what technicalities you're going with).

I may have had some deep insight about the Japanese voice actors versus the American ones, but it's long gone now. Probably something about the American actors focusing too much on getting the voice right and not enough on the acting, but I think I've ranted about that before.

Today I'm thankful for having cookies to eat after all day translating a series about a cafe, being officially halfway through Mimsy's medicine (and she seems to be recovering enough to not need to get more at her followup appointment; either way, the appointment is four days after we run out), kaikin, para para remixes, and fun memo/paper clip holders from AX08.
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