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Movie day!

We have been watching movies like crazy! Okay, so we've seen three in the last... I don't know, since we started watching Advent Children Complete. That was around eight o'clock last night, so three movies in the last twenty hours, but we spent about eight of those hours asleep, so three in our last twelve waking hours. That's only half a day. Still, I guess if we worked really hard, we could have fit in about five more movies. So maybe we haven't been watching movies like crazy, but certainly more than we're used to in such a short period of time.

We started with Advent Children Complete last night. No particular reason; we just decided it was finally time to watch it. We would have watched it on Wednesday night, but that's when we got the last disc of Gankutsuou from Netflix, so we wanted to finish that up, only we couldn't, because shortly into episode 23 (the second to last), the disc froze up, and we tried skipping ahead and rewinding to the end of the frozen part, but we would have lost ten whole minutes, and that's a significant amount of time in the second to last episode of a series, so we sucked it up and reported the error so we could get a new one. We even tried cleaning the disc with dish soap three times! Hopefully that's not bad for it...

Anyway, Advent Children Complete. The extra footage really, really, really helps a lot. We like this movie so much better now, and we didn't hate it before. It just feels like it has a bit of a plot now. And since we watched it without subtitles, we were able to stop comparing the languages and pay attention to other stuff, like the costumes. It really is amazing how much detail they put into animating fabric.

Let's see... I had an epiphany about Yuffie's new outfit. She's wearing the touristy flower print because she's coming to terms with the idea of her home town being a tourist attraction! Maybe everybody already knew that.

Did they have the part where Sephiroth stabs Cloud through the chest in the non-complete version? I think we would have remembered it, but we might have blocked it. Seriously, how did he not die? Athena's theory is that Sephiroth is trained in giving people as much pain as possible, thus he does actually know how to stab someone THROUGH THE CHEST without damaging their vitals too much. I mean, I know Cloud is on level 99 and all, but come on. (Athena: If someone stabs you through the heart, that's it. Period. I don't care what level you're on.)

As a side note, we only just realized last night that Sephiroth is left-handed. Neat!

It was very cute at the end when Cloud called Aerith mother, and she's like, "Seriously, how many times have people called me that today?" and Zack is like, "Why not? It means they love you." It reminded us of a certain other adorable couple we know.

When Sephiroth delivered Morikawa-san's favorite line, "I give you despair," Athena replied with, "It's the thought that counts." I was amused.

Our next movie was Ponyo! Yay! It was super super cute. I think Spirited Away still holds my attention better, but Ponyo is very very good. And we were actually able to sit through the dub without wincing, so if you're thinking about maybe supporting it while it's in theaters but you don't know if you can handle the dub, worry not! It's fine. It was interesting, though, to note the differences in dubbing skill between the adult actors and the children. The kids seemed to be able to match their characters' emotions much better than the adults. I think that's because adults seem to get set in their ways, and once they have an idea of who the character is, they can't just change it willy-nilly because the character himself has a different facial expression. Adults are weird. But despite that, they did a really good job. I just think that a certain character was meant to be a little more comic relief than he turned out to be. I guess that's what happens when you cast Liam Neeson.

The art style was very interesting. When the movie started, I wondered if it was a short film from like the eighties or something, because the animation looked so retro. You could tell they weren't trying to do any fancy coloring techniques or anything, and all the backgrounds looked like colored pencil. Very interesting.

[EDIT: Oh! I almost forgot! They used -san and sensei! Even Disney's keeping them now!]

We made Han and Leia see the movie with us for two reasons--we want hand-drawn animation to get more money and, more importantly, we needed a ride. Fortunately, Leia's an anime fan and a Ghibli fan, and Han just does whatever makes her happy. She told us later that she would look at him during the movie and he would have this look on his face like, "What in the world is going on?" But she could tell he was into it, and that's what we like! Spreading the joy of Ghibli! (Though to be honest, we often do not have the patience for Ghibli... eheh...)

Anyway, the significance of Han and Leia coming is that Leia drove us home, and as we got closer, Athena said, "Wanna borrow some anime?" Of course she did, but then she had to come up to our apartment to see what we have. And while we were all together, we figured we might as well watch Tinker Bell. And that was our third movie in the last twelve waking hours. It was interesting watching it again because if we had complaints after just one time... well... It's still a very cute movie. And we realized that, while it's not a musical, there are a couple of characters who do a little bit of singing type stuff and one of them--the one who even sings to himself on his own--is dubbed into Japanese by our favorite non-singing voice actor, Akira Ishida♥ We so need to see the Japanese dub of this film.

For the curious, Leia ended up borrowing Castle in the Sky.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Ponyo with people, getting to have Leia over to watch Tinker Bell, getting to see Advent Children Complete, confirmation that Mimsy's tongue is healing (in order to see it, the doctor had to ask one of us to hold Mimsy's mouth open while he used a tongue depressor to lift her tongue (delightful irony); it took a few tries, because he didn't want to make her bite me, but Mimsy's a good cat, and when I convinced him she wouldn't (or at least that I wasn't afraid if she did) we managed to get it to work), and spontaneous (but not too spontaneous) movie days.
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