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Super Saiyan Mimsy?

Our schedule has been so out of whack this week that by right now, we've gotten to the point of, "Never mind, we'll get back to work next week. On Tuesday." (Tuesday because we think we might want to recover from the YSA conference that starts tomorrow. We just checked the schedule, and Saturday will have us out from right before eight until eleven-thirty. Unless we can get our ride to take us home before the dance is over, but that seems like something we shouldn't do. And yet we want to, because we've never liked dances.)

We were relieved to find out that Mimsy got to keep all her teeth, but now that she's back, we're just as worried as ever, if not moreso. When we got to the doctor's office, he showed us the picture he'd taken of the infection on her tongue, and it was black and scary. Athena says it's probably black because it would be hard to get good lighting to photograph the inside of a cat's mouth, but that still means it's really deep. The doctor told us that sometimes infections like that can be caused by tumors, but he didn't feel any growths or anything. Still, since it's infected, he doesn't want to stitch it up, so nobody is entirely sure how to deal with it. For now, we have her on antibiotics (which she hates) and pain medication (which she hates even more), and we'll be checking back in with him in a week.

Since we brought her home, her eyes have been wide open. I don't think I've seen her sleep a wink. She only closes her eyes when someone's petting her face. When the nurse called to check on her this morning, I told her she didn't seem to be sleeping, and she was like, "Huh. That's weird." The only advice she had was to keep an eye on her. I have a theory that she's making sure to stay vigilant so we don't knock her out and clean her teeth again. But she can't stay awake forever, right? Eventually she'll have to crash. We really want her to sleep, too, because then she'll definitely not be using her tongue and it will have more of an opportunity to heal.

Administering her medicine is even more of an adventure than it is with Oreo. This doesn't come as a surprise in the slightest, but lack of surprise doesn't make it any less painful. And by painful, I mean literally, physically painful. It's shounen manga level of impressive. I'll be holding her while Athena puts the syringe in her mouth, and as soon as the medicine hits her throat, I don't even know what she's doing--I just know that suddenly I've been hit by an explosion of claws. This morning, we worked out a method that prevented either of us from getting scratched, but also ended up with Mimsy dribbling medicine down her chin. We think she got most of it in her mouth, though. And we suspect, based on when they gave her the deworming... whatever it was... that the vet measures the medicine based on the idea that not all of it will be swallowed. (When they tried to give her the deworming stuff, only about half of it seemed to go in her mouth, but they didn't seem surprised or do anything to make up for what spilled.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to sleep in this morning, the awesomeness of Ace Attorney Investigations, having finished Ace Attorney Investigations (so we don't have to strain our necks playing it anymore for a while), safe methods for administering cat medicine, and my shirt still being intact after giving Mimsy her pain meds last night.
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