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More veterinary adventures

Today was finally the day of Mimsy's teeth-cleaning! Yay!! Only we're actually very neurotic, so we were also kind of terrified. I don't even have any idea what could go wrong, but I was very afraid that it would. Athena was thinking about the possible problems with anesthesia, as illustrated by the movie Ghost Town. When we got there the nurse assured us that if there was anything wrong with Mimsy's bloodwork, they wouldn't do anything to put her at risk, but that didn't really assuage our fears that something might go wrong despite her being perfectly healthy. But we had faith and managed to not think about it too much.

As we were on our way home from dropping her off, I noticed that Mom missed the turn to our apartment, and when I pointed that out, she said she wasn't taking us home, she was taking us to the grocery store, where we were to use her card to buy fifty dollars worth of groceries, thus making sure our food lasts until our next paycheck comes. (But to reassure anyone who might be worried about us, while Comic Con was an enormous drain on our finances, it was really just a very unfortunate gap in deadlines, and we should be getting a check soon (as I said yesterday), and another one soon after that, and we will be well on our way to financial recovery. Especially if we stop hanging out at fancy hotels for conventions too much.)

We got home and worked on Kieli for a good while, and we got two packages! It was kind of funny, though, because one came from Fedex and it was from Del Rey, and the other came from UPS and it was from Del Rey, too! Were they trying to race them? Anyway, it's happy because we have comp copies! And a new book of Night Head Genesis to translate. Also, we were starting to get a little worried that maybe they'd forgotten we worked on anything other than Negima!, so we were very happy to get copies of Kamichama Karin chu and My Heavenly Hockey Club. (We got Hockey Club 8, but we're not sure whether or not we have 7. We'll have to check on that.)

At about lunch time, since we had started work early, we were a little burned out on prose translating, and nobody was updating on our friends list, so we decided to go to Crunchyroll and see if they had a nice short anime (as in anime with short episodes) we could watch to renew our spirits. And thus we finally watched Chi's Sweet Home which is in fact one of the cutest things we've ever seen. We were good and stopped after only two episodes (they're each about three minutes long), but the second one was a little worrisome, because it involved saying goodbye to the adorable kitty, and we hadn't heard about Mimsy yet.

Fortunately, the nurse from the vet's office called just a little while ago to let us know that she's fine! And she didn't need to have any teeth pulled! This is a super good thing, because cat tooth extractions are way expensive (cats have little mouths and so are hard to work on), and are not covered on wellness plans. But they discovered that the real reason for her mouth problems is that she had a deep laceration under her tongue. We're pretty sure we know the culprit (*eyes Oreo... and then squees at the adorable*), but I'm a little horrified that we let it go untreated for so long. Poor Mimsy. At least we're getting it fixed now.

Also, I forgot to mention how cute Mimsy was when we captured her this morning. Oreo's strategy is to hide whenever he notices any suspicious behavior from us (like getting up early and getting dressed) to make sure we just can't capture him at all. Mimsy wasn't too worried, and we think it might be because she was sure she could figure out a way out of the cat carrier. Unfortunately for her. But it was so cute to see her pawing at the door and walls, and turning upside-down to plea with us. Adds a whole new meaning to "kawaisou."

And Mom should be here soon to take us to the vet, who will tell us what to do about Mimsy's infection.

Today I'm thankful for getting to eat cereal this morning (we ran out of milk yesterday, but thanks to Mom, we got to buy more!), Mom being kind enough to buy us a few groceries, Mimsy being alive after he dental appointment, Mimsy getting to keep all her teeth, and the adorableness that is Chi's Sweet Home.
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