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What day is it?

All day, I've been thoroughly convinced that it's Thursday. Even after reminding myself over and over that it's actually Wednesday, I still think of it as Thursday. The especially sad thing about this is that we've been waiting anxiously for over a week for the Thursday that will be tomorrow because it's the day we'll finally get to take Mimsy to the vet to get her teeth fixed, and yet there are very obviously no memories of having taken her to the vet. Ah well.

Anyway... hm... I'm not sure what to talk about. We started out this morning by going to the Kurodahan Press website. There are certain advantages to the Honyaku Mailing List remembering our existence, and one of them is that now we know about their translation contest. This time, it involves translating a short story. We're not convinced that we'd win the contest, but it will be good practice. Also, if they let us know what score we earned, then we might know how much room there is for improvement. Of course we already know there's room for improvement, but it would be nice to have it quantified.

Ever so slightly unfortunately, they want all the entrants to buy the book with the source material. We think this is a very good idea, because it would be silly to cheat the author out of her royalties just because they're having a contest. But we also can't really spare that money until we get our next paycheck. That should be soon, though.

And now here's the scoop on the ID theft! It looks like our claim got through, so they've given us provisional credit to make up for what we lost! Yay! No news on the investigation, but getting our money back was really the priority. Still, we don't want the bank to lose out.

Today I'm thankful for Mom being kind enough to drive us to the vet again, nifty translation contests, getting our money back sort of, having a whole extra day in the week!, and those Mrs. Field's cookies we had at Comic Con.
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