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Today turned out to be slightly unusual. We finished up our translation of Name of the Flower 4 (which we'll be turning in tomorrow) before lunch, and now our options are to A)work on the next thing for CMX which isn't due until like January, B)work on Kieli novels, or C)take a vacation. Considering our current financial situation, C is a very bad idea. Considering the fact that the next Kieli novel is due in just about enough time to finish it without having to work overtime (actually, it might not take that long, but it's always best to overestimate on these things), B is a very good idea. But we're still not sure whether or not they've decided to take us off the series, so we decided to send an e-mail and take the rest of the day off.

But we didn't want to be total slackers, so it was then time to figure out what to do with ourselves. We thought, "We'll clean the spare bedroom!" ...but were easily daunted by its being full of Stuff that really needs to be taken away by various immediate relatives. So we thought, "We'll do laundry!" ...but our laundry room was very much In Use. And so we decided to uninstall Firefox, delete all the Firefox related files, and then reinstall Firefox to see if it made our internet run faster. The Honyaku Mailing List randomly decided we were still on it while we were at Anime Expo (the reason that's significant is that we came home and suddenly had a superfull! inbox), and people started talking about web browsers, and it got brought up that Firefox slows computers down, but one guy fixed the problem by doing what we did, and voila! his computer was fast again!

That took way longer than it should have, but we still had time to kill "being productive." Athena thought of resizing pictures, but she was too late! Because I remembered that the video game panel guys said one of the best things to do is make yourself visible to the people already in the industry, via forums. And I also remembered that when they launched the North American version of Square Enix Members, we signed up so fast Athena got to use her first name as a nickname, without any alterations! So we figured we might as well use our accounts.

And then we spent a good deal of time messing with my avatar. (Remember, we only have one computer on.) But their avatar system is so so so cute! The only drawback is that you can only choose the physical features once, so you can't even change your avatar's hairstyle! This is kind of aggravating for a girl. But then, we always wear our hair in the same style anyway, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Anyway, they have a bunch of cute clothes and accessories and backgrounds and even gestures you can buy for them. And then you can have them set to do their gesture, and you can take a snapshot of them! ...And I'm still not sure what the point of that is, but it's fun anyway.

It's especially great because, while I loathe shopping for clothes in real life, with the avatars, all you have to do to try something on is click on it! And then there are all these sparkles, and your avatar changes clothes magically! Oooooooohh! I tried to keep my avatar modest, but I didn't like any of the pants, and the skirts are all so short. Ah well.

Anyway, Square Enix Members is really fun, and they have games and contests, and you can blog and form communities, so it's really neat. If you're a Square Enix fan, you should definitely check it out! Of course, as for us personally, we tend to stay away from these things because we don't have enough time for all the stuff we want to do as it is, so we're a little unsure how to proceed. Ah well, we'll figure something out, I'm sure.

Today I'm thankful for fun with avatars, cute avatar accessories, Final Fantasy IX backgrounds!, Fanta Stick (I'm sure the Japanese version has something to do with being suteki), and Mimsy's new favorite place (which actually wouldn't exist if not for the mess in the spare bedroom, so maybe it's just as well that we didn't clean it today).
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