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Well now that I've finished con reporting, I'm not sure what to update about anymore. I think we've just had too many conventions all at once. And granted, we've only been to two in the past month, but that's still two whole conventions in the past month. But they were fun so I'm not complaining much. Next weekend is the YSA Conference for church, which sounds a lot like another convention, only this time more spiritual. We're pretty sure that will be pretty awesome, too, but just like with Comic Con, there's a little bit of, "Do we have to?" We'll get over it. Especially, as Athena points out, because this time we don't have to travel.

Also, there's going to be quilt-tying! And quilt-tying is fun. I think that's my favorite service project activity. It's much much better than farm work, let me tell you. The grape harvest is also at the end of this month, and we're already wondering how best to get out of it without being totally evil. I have a bunch of random fabrics lying around. Maybe we can make a quilt to donate to Humanitarian Aide or something. Maybe we should learn how to knit and knit blankets for Humanitarian Aide. We can do that during Jeopardy! every day!

Anyway, for this conference, they keep telling us to invite friends to come with us, whether they're LDS or not. We're a little bit at a loss on this point, because aside from internet friends and the people we work for, we almost literally do not know anyone except from church, and they're all either married or already going. I say almost because we always get to talking with the office manager at the vet's office. We're not sure if that counts. But I guess if it comes up when we're picking up Mimsy on Thursday we can say something. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, if anyone reading this happens to be able to make it to Fresno next week, you're certainly invited! (Or if you're in another area of California, they'll be having meetings all over the state. Here's the website!)

Today I'm thankful for deciding to go to the June Foray panel after all (I forgot to be thankful for that yesterday, despite it being very important), getting to pay tithing today, quilt-tying, carpools, and being surrounded again by cute kitties.
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