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Off to Comic Con!

Mimsy has trapped Athena! She has a habit of doing this right when we're finished doing stuff on the computer and getting ready to move somewhere else. Of course that happened early today because...

We're going to San Diego Comic Con tomorrow! Shock and amazement! I think somehow this managed to not get mentioned very much here... or anywhere else, considering how many members of our own family seemed surprised to find out. But yes, we are going to Comic Con tomorrow. To be honest, part of the reason we pushed ourselves to go to the sleepover last Friday is that we had a faint hope that somebody there would also be going to Comic Con, or know somebody who was going, and thus we would have a ride down there, instead of taking the train.

When we were there, we discovered that one person actually did know somebody going to Comic Con! So she texted her and asked if we could tag along, but her car was already full. Someone else is going to San Diego this weekend but also has a car full with strollers and probably babies. It's actually ridiculous how many people we've run into who are going to San Diego this weekend but can't take us with them. Our own sister! (we found out) is going to the San Diego area this weekend, but will be stopping about forty miles short of our destination. When we were lamenting this fact to Sister O. (the wife of one of the counselors in the bishopric) last night at Family Home Evening, she said we totally should have guilted her into taking us anyway. She's our little sister, and we have every right to guilt trip her. But we've been trained to avoid situations where people might hate us for making them do things for us, so we tend to avoid it whenever possible, unless Disneyland is involved.

And so we will be taking the train. On the bright side, we at least have DSes and PSPs to occupy our minds on the ride down there. It would be nicer if we didn't have to take the train then a bus then the train again, but... oh well.

It's been hard to think about the excitingness of the convention, when we're so bogged down by the transportation thing, as well as the leaving the cats again thing, as well as the just traveling and being out of the house for several days again while our Disneyland associates go spend THREE DAYS there (at Disneyland) the same time we're at the convention thing. But I just keep reminding myself of the Disney animation panel(s) they'll be having and hoping that maybe we'll be able to get a sketch. Disney is actually one of the main reasons we're going. We're hoping to make connections. I sure hope we're cute enough to leave an impression. We won't be bringing costumes this time, though, so they won't be able to help us. But that might actually be a good thing if, y'know, we want to look "professional" at all.

Also, we learned yesterday that when we were outside doing stuff on Sunday, the weather was reaching a record high of 112 degrees. Nothing like record-breaking heat to make you excited to go to San Diego for a few days.

Today I'm thankful for getting our chores done, getting to go to San Diego for a few days, chances to meet Disney animators, having a ride to the bank and the grocery store, and portable gaming systems.
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