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Temple day

Today has been another long, yet uneventful, day. Well, actually the "uneventful" part is not entirely true. In August, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints all across the state is having a gigantic young single adult conference. It's basically like all the conventions we're going to, only it's church, and it's only for young single adults. We think one of the ideas is that the young single adults (or YSAs for short) won't be single much longer after the conference. Especially because one of the main goals is to create a CA YSA network. We even have a website!

Anyway, one of the things they want all the attendees to do in preparation for the event is to go to the temple at least three times. And since people who aren't LDS are invited, too, this includes just going to the temple grounds to hang out outside and feel the spirit there and stuff. And to help the people in our ward achieve that goal, we had a little ward field trip after church today. But I don't really have much to report about it. It was a pretty building, and the flowers smelled nice. We've been there before, of course, because it's where Celeste and Sarah got married last year, but we don't go very often (or like, at all...) because one, we don't have recommends (to go inside, you need to have an interview with your bishop and stake president to prove that you're worthy; this is a very sacred place we're talking about), and two, we don't drive.

After that, we went to Mom's place for dinner and stuff, and we were finally able to give her the birthday present we got her. I'll report more on that later when we haven't already had a long day. And then we went back to church, because remember that interview I mentioned about the temple and stuff? We actually had appointments with our bishop for that very thing today. But it was planned completely separately from the YSA Conference stuff. We'd been thinking about it for a long time. We only just got around to setting up appointments because we happened to run into the bishop one day after church.

Actually, what we got with this interview are "limited use" recommends, because to do all the ordinances in the temple, you have to get your endowment, and we're not really sure what all that entails, but we're told it's a big responsibility, so it's actually really intimidating. But the bishop wants us to be getting those soon, so I guess we'll be working on getting ready for them and working through all our crazy issues and learning all the important stuff.

And the limited use recommends are so we can go inside to do baptisms for the dead, because we believe that everyone needs to be baptized, but if you're dead, you don't have a body for it, so we act as proxy and gt baptized in their place. But don't worry--the people we act as proxy for still have the choice to accept it or not, and if you don't believe this religion is true, than that would also mean the actions are meaningless anyway, so we're not forcing anybody to join just because they're dead. Also, we don't baptize corpses. (One time, I told a friend we were going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead (way back when we were in young women's and had recommends for that purpose), she said, "Eww..." and I had to explain.)

And then we went back to Mom's place where Athena played Mom's crazy civilization/mythology DS game against her while the rest of us watched a few episodes of Bewitched on DVD. I gotta say, I really do like I Dream of Jeannie better. But Bewitched was fun anyway.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go see the temple, air-conditioned cars (it was over a hundred degrees today. again), friendly bishops, getting to give Mom her present, and Mom really liking said present.
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