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Spontaneity is overrated.

I have decided, once again, that I am not a big fan of spontaneity. Unfortunately, it seems to be all the rage around here. We got invited (today) to a slumber party that's this very night!! It sounds like fun and we're going to go and we're going to enjoy it, but we're still very sad to miss all that Kingdom Hearts time. And it's our special day in Dissidia, too, so we were kind of hoping to play both. If I finish this fast enough, we might get to! We'll see.

Anyway, people are very scary. We had a terrifying experience about a week ago that I keep thinking maybe I'll write about, but then I keep getting distracted by things like Negima!. But don't get too excited about it; it's one of those "scary in a completely non-scary way" kind of scaries.

And I really can't quite think straight right now, so I think I'm going to have a very short post so we can go play video games. Today I'm thankful for being invited again, having a ride to the event, Ala Rubra flashbacks (even better when they have lots of action), having time to play video games before we go, and advance warning.
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